Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up

Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up

Tuesday Tips

Life design is the practice of directing one's life experience through the manipulation of the seed of reality: thought. Tuesday Tips is a collection of concepts and perspectives to play with as you create the life of your dreams. Have a tip for next week? Leave a comment below or send me an email.


1. Get yourself a creative director.
No matter what kind of creative project you're working on, an outside perspective can help. Ask someone whose opinion you trust to give you an honest critique of your work (e.g., your website!). Not that you have to actually do anything they say, but what you'll learn from your critic will astound you. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our own ideas to the point where we can't see major flaws or obvious solutions. If you're comfortable with handing over the mouse, ask your critic to show you what they would do. The combination of your efforts will produce brilliant results.

2. Archive your emails.
Sometimes I get backed up with emails and feel so guilty! But who says I have to return them? Who really cares? If I'm not compelled to write back, it's not going to change much in the big picture of things. Select all, hit archive, and feel waves of relief wash over you!

3. Self employed? Get an internship with someone in the top of your field.
In early October, Kelly and I started interning at UnderConsideration, a graphic design enterprise that runs a network of blogs, publishes books, organizes live events and judged competitions, and designs for clients. A position that at one point may have hurt my pride (you got a JOB?!) has turned out to be the most interesting, educational experience of my adult career. Every day I get to learn about how to really run a business. The vibration of finishing big projects and selling tons of digital and physical products is contagious!


4. Keep your spirits up.
Feeling good is my top priority. When I'm feeling less than my best, I like to remind myself to "feel good anyway", so I can attract the solution I desire. "Feel good anyway" isn't a very friendly mantra, but I've been loving "keep your spirits up." Whenever I remember to think it, I can feel my vibration literally rising.

5. Practice the feeling of pay day.
If you receive a regular income in the form of cash or a paycheck, turn pay day into a ritual to attract more abundance. When you receive your money, take the time to appreciate it. What does it feel like to have that check in your hands? Ease? Effortlessness? Flow? Relief? When you take the time to practice the feeling of having money, it's easier to recall when you want to attract more.

6. What's your toy store vibration?
Imagine walking into a magical toy store. All of the toys are built to respond to your vibration. When you walk in the store, do the toys start dancing and playing? Or do they make sad noises and turn all spooky? Do they do anything at all? Use this visualization to gauge where your vibration is.

Stopping Thought

7. Have you downloaded your Life Story yet?
Filling out Life Story books has been an amazing way for me to stop thinking in old patterns. I usually fill out 2-3 in the morning and then forget what I wrote about. Within 2-3 days at least one of my stories will have come true. This is a powerful tool!

8. MyFitnessPal
A friend at the Y introduced me to the free website and iPhone app MyFitnessPal. For someone who thinks about food a lot, this app is fantastic! By recording what I eat, I'm able to release so much brainpower that I used to spend thinking about what I'm eating. Set a calorie goal, scan the barcodes of the foods you eat, and let the app do the rest. Diet shouldn't be complicated, but for those of us still working on those thought patterns, MyFitnessPal is a nice solution.

9. Listen to binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies
When I write in the morning, I often listen to this 936Hz Pineal Gland Activator track on repeat, or something from this playlist of 156 Solfeggio and Binaural Beats tracks (thanks for the tip Rhina!). I don't quite understand how it works, but I know that after hearing that Pineal Gland Activator I feel amazing. There is so much to explore with the vibrations of sound and I'm excited to be finding benefits already.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Jen

    I love MyFitnessPal! I don’t have a phone that runs apps, but I love using the website! Isn’t it fun?

  • jessica mullen


  • Adrienne O.

    My fitness pal is awesome! I wish I had started using it sooner

  • AB

    Thank you for sharing the playlist – I’m loving listening to binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies. Soooo good.
    Quick question – when you write your Life Stories each morning, are your writing completely new ones each day? Or, are you re-writing the same story, ie. each day I rewrite the story of how I quit my job? I’ve written a few and finding them powerful.
    Loving your blog, thank you for all you do

  • jessica mullen

    Hi AB! Thanks for the comment! As for the Life Story book writing, if I want something really bad and have had a hard time getting it, I will usually rewrite the story over and over until it really feels perfect. Those have been super successful. But for smaller things, like “I want to finish this project today,” I’ll write just one. So I guess things I have more resistance to receiving take longer to write it exactly the way I want. Things I have less resistance to but still have strong desire for get 1 story, and they usually manifest that day.

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