Hello deers and darlings! Isn't this fun?!

I am so grateful for the power of thought. I am so grateful I can choose how I want to feel. So grateful I'm getting better at feeling good during points of contrast. I'm so grateful everything is unfolding perfectly and I can see it. So grateful for NEW ASTROJAX in the mail!! So grateful to be an AJ player! So grateful for new toys! It feels like Christmas! So grateful for the holiday music. So grateful I can talk myself into a higher vibration. So grateful it's getting easier to stay focused. So grateful for all the delightful people I get to see today. So grateful for this now. So grateful for this now.

So grateful for kaleidoscope makers!

I intend to be the light. I intend to have fun. I intend to be what I want to receive. I intend to give and smile and laugh. I intend to be bright. I intend to play. I intend to have fun! I intend to feel good. Let's do it! I intend to keep my spirits up, I love you, isn't this fun?!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.