We are all children of god [gathering momentum]

We are all children of god [gathering momentum]

Good morning exquisite enchantresses! This morning I was so happy to wake up to inspiring videos and emails from beautiful queens! It's a $10,000 day and this place about to blow. We've got a lot of living left to do!

I am so grateful to wake up early to inspiration. I am so grateful that I attract inspiration constantly. I am so grateful for manifestations that help me keep going higher and higher. I am so grateful for reminders that we are all children who want to have fun and be cared for and loved. I am so grateful Kelly is so into Life Story!!! I am so grateful to have collaborated on such a fun project with her! I AM SO GRATEFUL KELLY REDESIGNED MY ENTIRE WEBSITE LAST NIGHT. I am so grateful I get to code it today!!!!!

My vision
I see the perfection in the now. I see Astrojax becoming the most wanted fashion accessory of 2012. I see myself doing a good job no matter how long it takes because in the flow I do it for the process, not the result.

Wouldn't it be nice to make Astrojax sexy as hell?

How are we expanding?
We are entering a euphoric time of collective flow. We all get it. We are all having too much fun to worry about anything. We are all children, we are all creative, we are all cared for by the universe. We are all one. We are all one child. We are perpetually becoming, expanding, but never growing old. We are cared for by our universal creator. We are the children of god, for real! All that religious bs is true, if you look at it the right way!

What I want to feel today

  • Creating in flow. Perfect timing, everything on beat.

Today I intend to remember that it doesn't matter how long it takes, because in the flow everything is perfectly timed and on beat. There is no rush in the flow. The flow does everything in perfect timing. There is no rush, it isn't a race, and I have plenty of time to do everything I want.

I intend to be in the now and fully enjoy the process of each moment. I intend to do things for the pleasure of doing. I intend to think not of the fruits of my action, but to just focus on the action itself. The pleasure of taking action. I intend to be present, in the now, in the flow. Letting the flow do the work. Letting the flow guide my hands. Letting the flow inform my process. Letting the flow bring me ideas. It's like a little invisible helper in every moment. The flow is my homeslice. The flow's got this.

I love getting up early and working on my empire. I love that I have an empire. I love that life feels like a Sims game or Total Miner. I love knowing what I know about the flow. I love that I live my life based on a core philosophy that I truly believe. I love that everything I do is in the flow. I love that Linty is sleeping on my lap. I love that we get to run! I love that I have so much more time! I love that there is no rush! I love that time is an illusion! I love Drake! I love my universal grocery list and my Life Story! I love my new website design! I love being so inspired all the time! I love having so much I want to create! I love that I asked for this, and I received it! I love that I ALWAYS get what I want!!!

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • I am a child of god, allowing the work of god to flow through me. I create with the hand of god.
  • I am in the present moment, asking what patterns does the flow want to make?
  • Everything I do, I do for the pleasure of doing, not for the result. It doesn't matter how long it takes, because in the flow there is no time.

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