The Sexiest Fashion Accessory for 2012


The Sexiest Fashion Accessory for 2012


On December 30, 2010, I was introduced to an odd little toy comprised of three balls on a string—Astrojax. I was in a state of consciousness that had my mind cracked wide open, and I was able to have something resembling a conversation with the toy as I explored it for the first time. It didn't speak to me in words, but instead communicated with my body. As I began swinging the toy around in a circular motion (otherwise known as a wheely), I felt like the answers to the mysteries of the universe were being downloaded into my hands.

Invented by physicist Larry Shaw in 1987, Astrojax is a toy that demonstrates the way things work. They explain the flow of the universe to your body. I talk about flow a LOT, and before I played with Astrojax I didn't even know what flow was! I can describe it in words as "perfect timing" or "synchronous co-creation with god", but the flow is really something you can only understand when you feel it.

Everyone experiences flow in some manner, even if they aren't aware of it. Athletes and musicians feel flow when they perform. To flow is to play in harmony with the universe. You feel it in your body when you flow. Everything is on beat, and your body acts without thinking about it. In the flow, time flies by in an instant. In the flow, you don't care about anything else because the present moment is so fun. Cashiers feel it during busy hours. Writers feel it when they get in their writing zone. Artists feel it as they paint. Programmers feel it when they code.

The reason why Astrojax is such a significant technology is because it gives you access to that flow state instantly. Every single person I have ever introduced Astrojax to "gets it" immediately. They pick up the toy, at first intimidated because they worry they won't be able to do it. But everyone can do the first move, and as soon as they get the balls spinning, they feel the flow.

Reactions range from "wow, that's actually fun!" to "I could really use this to relax". Children get particularly obsessed, and some people get a little freaked out by how deep the experience is. Some people simply walk away with a smile on their faces, and highly conscious people tend to buy a set on the spot. The difference is that the highly conscious recognize the feeling of flow and are excited to have an instant portal to the state.

But Astrojax = sexy?!

When I first started playing in public, I felt like the biggest weirdo ever. I felt silly and a little awkward, because most people had never even seen Astrojax before and I wasn't exactly demonstrating mad skills. But it just felt so good to play, and since feeling good is the only thing that really matters in life, I decided it was worth it to look like a freak. I mean, how much weirder can I look anyway?

Instead of turning me into a freak, Astrojax reminded me how to play. That's what flow is—playing with the universe. And you know what one of the sexiest qualities in a person is? Playfulness! Don't you love it when people joke and laugh and don't take things seriously? Isn't it attractive when people look like children because they're having too much fun to be self-conscious? That is why Astrojax is sexy. Haha, not that Astrojax turns you into a sexy kid, but it makes you light-hearted again. It makes you want to dance. It relaxes you and tell you secrets. It reminds you of everything good you knew as a child. Astrojax whispers the meaning of life to your body, and your mind will delight in trying to keep up.

How do I get Astrojax?

If you're ready for a more playful 2012, you can support Kelly and me by purchasing Astrojax through our store, or you can find them on Amazon. Kelly and I are the only vendors in Austin, so if you are local and want a set today, you can place an order for pickup. Astrojax make a great gift for children and ravers, and adults love them too if you remind them how to play.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Cilla

    Hi Jessica,
    I’d like to try the astrojax but do you ship to Europe? Anyway, another way of getting in touch with flow (though much less of a physical activity) (there is no activity involved, to be sure) is the lava lamp. I bought one over the weekend and have enjoyed my evenings much better. It’s certainly more fun then watching TV: ghe blobs just move up and down in beautiful shapes and colors, endlessly becoming seperate and returning to the whole. Nothing is important, it’s free flowing at its best :)
    Have a joyful day,

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Cilla! Yes we do ship to Europe. Just enter your country and shipping will be a little higher than $10.

    The lava lamp is a GREAT suggestion! I want to try gazing at one during meditation. Thank you!!

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