Patterns in the flow [gathering momentum]

Patterns in the flow [gathering momentum]

Hello kitten caboodles! I am so happy to be writing, milking feeling good, practicing the feeling of being awesome :P I got to spend my day looking at menus from the late 1800s and coding borders around things. It was bliss, and I hope to begin to explain why sometime in the future... like right now?

I am so grateful that I am beginning to feel the patterns of the flow. I am so grateful to be a pattern making machine, powered by the flow of life. I am so grateful to be learning how to be the hand of god. Isn't it crazy that it's something one can deliberately learn? I feel the beat of everything, I see my thoughts connecting to manifestations in my reality so clearly. I can feel the pattern life wants me to create. And it sounds almost oppressive, except it's the most free I can feel. The pattern is what I want to create but couldn't imagine putting together. It's one long synchronous paintbrush of perfect timing. It's letting go of every single negative thought and just being until the flow moves me.

I am beginning to feel the flow of life in every action, in every moment. I asked for this, and now it's here. I can feel the beat in everything I can do. Today while playing AJ I started asking myself, "what pattern does the flow want to make?" If you let go of your mind and let your hands do the talking, you can watch the flow move right through your fingertips.

What patterns does the flow want me to make right now? If I keep the thought fresh in my mind, I can feel it instantly. Everything is on beat. The music helps, but has nothing to do with it. I feel it when my margins are right. I feel it when I find the perfect image. I feel it when I see a post come together. I feel it when I write things on my grocery list. I feel it in the conversation. It's getting hard to ignore it, because everything is it. Once you start looking for it, you can't unsee it.

I feel the flow guiding my physical body when it comes to acting or doing. I ask the flow to show me the pattern. And because it is the flow coming through me, it is a completely unique expression, and not only that - it is perfect. It may not be technically perfect, but if something was off about it, it would be a solution, a piece to a much bigger puzzle.

When we allow the flow through us in our work, in our play, in our conversation, in our cars, in our thoughts, it makes magick. That's all there is to it. People can accomplish incredible things that only perfect timing could produce. The flow makes no mistakes. The flow is achingly beautiful, and feels like the best sex ever to be a part of it. It is so exhilarating.

My vision
I see us learning how to live in flow. It's happening, and none of us could ever stop it. Everything is on beat. It's always been this way anyway. It's like a secret mode in a video game. As soon as you find it once, it's yours! The flow of life has reached the point where the flow can talk for itself. I suppose it has always been that way too, I'm just now able to perceive it. Everything always was and will forever be, I just get the unique individual experience of perceiving it from a single expanding perspective. That is so cool.

I see us able to understand each other more clearly. I see good ideas rising to the top more quickly. I see the flow unveiling such incredible solutions for us. We are all beginning to see the perfect timing of everything. We see it because we look, and we are in it because we let go.

I see the Internet compressing time, to a point where we all live in the Now, creating in the sea of infinite possibility.

Wouldn't it be nice to focus on the patterns life is flowing through me?

How are we expanding?
We are finding new ways to access the flow. We are waking up our sense of flow. The mind is connecting to source once again. We live in such delicious times.

What I want to feel today

  • Inspiration

Today I intend to love you and mean it. Today I intend to practice sending love. I love you. I love. I am a lover. I am one who loves. I am open. I love unconditionally. I love you. I love me. I love this. I love life. I love being alive. I intend to give. I intend to give with my example. I intend to dazzle and delight. I intend to be in the flow and inspire from in the flow.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • What patterns is the flow trying to make?

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