Who cares! [gathering momentum]

Who cares! [gathering momentum]

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends! I got up early to work on some projects then got distracted by binaural beats... suddenly all I care about is milking my pineal gland! Weird. Today we are celebrating with my family out in the country and Kelly and I are preparing a vegan feast. Have a merry day full of silliness and laughter!

I am so grateful I got up early and had time to draw magic mushrooms and listen to 936Hz pineal gland activators and read Be Here Now. I am so grateful we get to go on a run. I am so grateful to be reminded that all we have is now, and to just enjoy the NOW! Who cares about the rest! It's a trip baby! You're just trippin! Relax and enjoy the ride!

My vision
I see humanity waking up to sound and light and decalcification of the pineal gland. I see harmony and gratitude and love. I see hugs and drugs and fun and freedom. I see us holding hands. I see us fearlessly loving. I see us as the perfect forms we are. I see the love in your heart, I feel the love in your heart, and it is the love in my heart. I see our oneness. I see peace. I see joy. I see all the colors of the rainbow, and colors that have never been seen. I see with my third eye, I see the wholeness of it all, the interconnectedness. I see the flow, the path, the way, the light.

I see us remembering we're here to have fun and enjoy being alive. Isn't this fun?

Wouldn't it be nice to be in a good mood all day? Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow? Wouldn't it be nice to let it unfold? Wouldn't it be nice to create my best work in the flow, effortlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to trust the flow? I did in my dreams last night...

How are we expanding?
We are in the dance. We are finding shortcuts to releasing resistance. We are so happy to be alive, enjoying each other's company. We are basking. We are happy pets. We are so relieved, and so filled with love. We are becoming total light, filled with unbearable compassion, embracing infinite power.

What I want to feel today

  • Appreciation of the beauty, love, and perfection of manifested reality.

Today I intend to sing "OM" to myself. Today I intend to be present. Today I intend to release thoughtforms.

I love finding fresh inspiration every time I look. I love the School of Life Design community. I love the infinite joy we are capable of feeling. I love the flow of life, I love being in the flow of life, and I love feeling it and seeing it and sensing it with every part of my being. I love the perfect timing. I love the ease. I love the reminders to

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • Be in the now
  • Total light, unbearable compassion, infinite power

Links I love

  • Art about the noosphere!
  • Which side of a spread is recto and which side is verso?
  • I've just started reading Be Here Now by Ram Dass and it is just so touching and true. And it's free online! Look at this precious page (which comes after a little story about how this group of people is about to go shopping on Saturday morning but one of their kids is crying and they're trying to decide if someone should stay home with the kid or if they should just leave):
  • In the School of Life Design group on Facebook, Rhina shared about binaural beats and it's just so exciting to me! Here is one video I'm listening to but I want recommendations! Suddenly my only interest in life is in my pineal gland.

Milk my pineal gland!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.