The Most Important Time to Feel Good

The Most Important Time to Feel Good

Wake up!
Thank you Kate!

The thoughts that you think as soon as you wake up set the tone for your entire day. Before you even turn off your alarm, you are thinking. I've found that if I can consciously choose to focus on gratitude and appreciation immediately upon waking, my day goes much more smoothly and it's way easier to be in a good mood. If I don't direct my thoughts as soon as I wake, it gets harder and harder to choose the feeling-good path as the day goes on.

Appreciate as soon as you open your eyes

Before you even roll out of bed, try to start thinking thoughts like "I appreciate my health. I appreciate my warm bed. I appreciate that I have working legs and can walk." It's easier to start with super basic stuff you take for granted.

Write about gratitude on the shitter

Don't pretend you don't read your phone on the toilet. As you release the waste from your body, fill up your mind with thoughts of gratitude (before you check Facebook, and before you check your email!). I promise you, add this ritual to your morning hygiene routine and your life will be forever changed for the better.

Begin the work of focusing your thoughts before you fully wake up. Begin while you're groggy. You might not want to, but if you practice and get in the habit you won't be able to stop. Choosing to feel good the instant you are conscious turns your morning into a launchpad for greatness. If you don't, you may dig yourself a negative-thought-hole that you have to work much harder to get out of.

Jessica Mullen
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