Thank You Bluehost! A Webhosting Review


Thank You Bluehost! A Webhosting Review


Whenever I hear about server issues or webhosting problems, I feel infinitely grateful for my hosting provider Bluehost. Kelly and I have been using them since we started our podcast in June 2008 and have experienced only good things. If you're looking for webhosting for your lifestream or website, Bluehost is as good as they come. Below is a list of my five favorite features.

1. Bluehost does amazing full backups.

Full Cpanel Backups
About once a week, I do a full cPanel backup for my webhosting accounts. All I have to do is click "Site Backup & Restore" and then "Full cPanel Backup". I can grab the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file. My sites are pretty big and the backup files can range from 9GB to 26GB, so it's awesome Bluehost lets me download such enormous files in my browser.

2. They have fast, reliable, friendly customer service.

Open a support ticket
If my site is ever down or lagging, I immediately open a support ticket to alert Bluehost of the issue. They usually contact me within a couple hours with a solution, and make sure each ticket gets resolved. Their customer service is so fast!

3. They have very little server downtime.

Status ok!
My site is rarely down. Third party monitoring services report that Bluehost has 99.99% uptime, a rather stellar rating!

4. They provide excellent tools and complete access.

Bluehost services
One of my favorite parts of Bluehost is that they offer 1-click WordPress installations. Just enter your blog name and you're set up! No messing with databases or FTP. Bluehost also offers Secure Shell (SSH) Access, Override .htaccess Support, Custom Cronjobs, MySQL Databases, PHP 5, and support for custom PHP.INI Files.

5. They have an awesome affiliate program!

Yay affliliates
I get $65 every time someone signs up for an account using my affiliate link. BALLIN. Learn more about becoming an affiliate here!

Bluehost costs $6.95 a month for the storage space and includes one domain name registration. You can add as many domain names as you want to your account, meaning you can host multiple websites in the same server space. Additional domain names cost $10 a year. If you're ready to get your own website and want to support my work and the School of Life Design, please be sure to use my affiliate link. Thanks!

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    Great Company , Blue Host very good web hosting Company , i will review it now , thanks .

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