I love Mustard Pimp [gathering momentum]

I love Mustard Pimp [gathering momentum]

Hi!!! I'm just sitting here chillin in the closet again, listening to the Mustard Pimp Pandora station and burning the new Rihanna for the car! I went running this morning and wrote TWO articles and drank me spinach smoothie, I'm pretty much on top of the world! Today we get to go on a press check for the 2010 FPO Awards Book (pre-order it now!), which is pretty much the most exciting graphic designy thing to do. Have a trippy ass day my friends!

I am so grateful running gets easier every single day! I am so grateful I like it the more I do it. I am so grateful my breakfast was already made! I am so grateful for food to make lunches. I am so grateful to work with UCllc where I learn approximately 2300 things per day that are useful to my own work. I am so grateful to feel constantly inspired and to be around inspired people. I am so grateful to have so much time to write and create! I am so grateful for perfect timing, and everything on beat. I am SO GRATEFUL to Kelly for the 2 hour critique she gave me on a product we're launching Friday, oh boy I'm so excited about it!!

My vision
I see us all dancing and smiling together! The patterns are emerging already!

Wouldn't it be nice if my student loans dealt with themselves? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's debt was forgiven? Redo!

How am I expanding?
I am one with you. My love is your love. We are in love, we are love. I love you, and I love me.

What I want to feel today

  • Flow machine. I'm already in it. I let it come to me.

Today I intend to give all I can give. I intend to be all I can be. I intend to love all I can love.

I love writing, and playing Astrojax, and meditating, and graphic design, and the School of Life Design group on Facebook!!

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • Let it come to you.
  • I am all that I can be.
  • Feel for the flow.

Links I love

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