5 Ways to Stay Inspired to Work on Your Site

5 Ways to Stay Inspired to Work on Your…

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From a reader: I'm lacking the motivation to update my lifestream—mainly because I can tell no one visits the site/is helped by it. Do you have any suggestions of lifestreams from your life design project that regulary update? Just really need that "community feeling" right now, and seeing a blog that is doing it right. Sometimes that's all the inspiration you need :)

Maintaining a site with no traffic can be frustrating. You pour your heart and best ideas into your creation but where are the comments? Does anyone even care? Here are a few strategies to stay happily obsessed with your own work, even if no one's looking—yet.

1. Do it for yourself first.

The only way creative endeavors pay off is if you enjoy the process of creation. If you don't send a signal of love during creation, your work can't attract the love of others. Above all, your website should be something you work on because it's fun and it feels good, not because you think it's going to make you rich or famous. If you're wondering what to write about, think about what you want to read. How can you use your site to help yourself?

2. Think about the kind of reader you want.

Who is your target audience? Who do you want to be reading your site? Where do they live, what do they like, and why do you want them reading your site? Picture the person benefiting from your work. Imagine the way they will feel when they read your site. Will they feel relief? Will they feel inspired?

3. Don't dig up your seeds.

Stop looking at your analytics. Stop counting your followers and comments and retweets. If your traffic isn't what you want it to be, looking at your stats will only perpetuate them. Stop checking for evidence, because when you check for evidence you are projecting a signal of "I don't trust the universe is bringing me what I want."

4. Write as if you have a million readers.

Steve Pavlina has some great advice on running successful blogs: "When I sit down to write, I sometimes imagine myself standing on an outdoor concert stage before an audience of a million people." So you wake up tomorrow morning and have 1 million new visits to your site. How does that make you feel? Do you feel embarrassed that your work isn't quite good enough, or are you happy people are finally seeing the light? Write your next post for 1 million readers and see if anything changes.

5. Join the School of Life Design Facebook group.

When I closed the School of Life Design forum and sent everyone to Facebook, I didn't expect the conversation to pick up quite as quickly as it did! The School of Life Design group is essentially a directory of other life designers, many of them with their own websites and lifestreams. This group is a great place to share your work, ask questions, and get inspired by other lifestreamers. If you are a life designer, I guarantee this is the community for you!

If you really care about having more traffic to your site but it isn't coming, that just means you have some resistant thoughts about getting more traffic. Maybe you feel like you don't deserve it. Maybe you are intimidated by the demands of success. If you're not getting what you want, it just means you're resisting. To stop resisting, stop thinking about the thing you want. Let it go. Trust it is coming. Never think about it again. The universe is on the case, I promise!

Who needs traffic when you've got donations?! Please support your local life designer today :D

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