Good morning!!

Good morning!!

Hi hello how are you! Isn't it wonderful to be awake and alive? Isn't it delicious to have a physical body and be able to breathe and see and hear and taste and smell and touch?

This morning I am so grateful my alarm went off when it did because I was having a stressful dream about climbing down some scary tall structure. I am so grateful to have plenty of time to write before work. I am so grateful to feel inspired to create when I wake up! I am so grateful it gets easier to stay in the flow every day.

I am grateful for sweet emails from readers who find me on Digg. I am grateful for social media to share my ideas. I am grateful for other Lifestreamers who inspire me! I am grateful for an always shifting perspective and an open mind.

I am grateful the sun rises and sets without my interference. I am grateful i live in such a beautiful world. I am grateful to be on the edge, taking risks and reaping reward.

I appreciate being up early so much. I appreciate having a schedule! I appreciate that my breakfast and lunch are already made. I appreciate mornings with pwny! I appreciate this now. I appreciate being in the moment. I appreciate choosing to feel good as soon as I get up. I appreciate that every now ever created lead up to this moment, right... Now.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.