Running Late? Don’t Look at the Clock!

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Running Late? Don’t Look at the Clock!

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Thanks Mylla!

Picture this: you're driving in your car to work or school, and you know you left five minutes later than you should have. There's traffic, you hit all the red lights, and pretty soon you're stressed and frantically eyeing the clock, willing it to go slower but it only speeds up.

Now is the time to stop looking at the time! Every glance at the clock adds more to your stress, more negative thoughts, and more bad driving. Once you realize you may be late, let it go. Stop looking at the clock. Whether you look at the time or not shouldn't make much difference as to when you arrive, so just let it go. Relax. Enjoy your drive.

When you release the stressful feeling, the negative thoughts, the worry and the jerky driving, you allow the flow of life to guide your journey. You could miraculously be on time anyway. You could get there before the person you're meeting. You might find a shortcut, or traffic could part and you could ride off into the sunset. Anything can happen, but until you stop thinking about being late, the only thing you can be is late! Be it, see it.

Jessica Mullen
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