Good morning!

Good morning!

Grateful to be awake and alive and grateful and appreciative. Grateful for time to write and work and create. Grateful for time to work on my own work. Grateful to be up so early! Grateful for the power of thought. Grateful for this now. Grateful everything is unfolding perfectly. Grateful for my worksheets and my website and my computer. Grateful for Pwny and Linty.

Grateful for Kelly. Grateful for ucllc. Grateful for inspiration from every direction. Grateful to feel good. Grateful to feel powerful. Grateful to feel creative and inspired. Grateful to choose focus. Grateful to choose love. Grateful to choose fun.

Grateful for this now. Grateful for rainbow hair. Grateful for my lists. Grateful for vivid dreams. Grateful to remember my dreams all night. Grateful for a full night of sleep. Grateful to go to bed early. Grateful to listen to my body.

Grateful for the beautiful weather. Grateful for Austin in November. Grateful to keep going. Grateful to be on the next wave. Grateful to feel excited. Grateful to feel refreshed.

Grateful for the Secret widget. Today it says to try a 30 day exercise of giving. For 30 days, give joy, smiles, warm words, love, appreciation, and compliments to everyone you meet. Make it your mission to make everyone's day better. "As you give the best of you, you will be staggered by the speed that it comes back to you." Doesn't that sound fantastic?

Grateful that as soon as I choose to feel the way I want to feel, it is reflected to me instantly.

Creative inspiration. Feels like knowing, and flow. Like knowing my next move. Like a wave propelling my actions that I can't stop, that I wouldn't want to stop. It always comes.

Grateful I can always choose to feel the way I want to feel. Grateful I can choose to be in the now. Grateful I can decide what I think, feel and experience. Grateful to be responsible for my life. Grateful to embrace my power. Grateful to choose to feel good. Grateful for first friday! Grateful for the flow. Grateful to be up early.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.