5 Ways to Remember the Meaning of Life with the Internet

Internet & the Meaning of Life

5 Ways to Remember the Meaning of Life with…

Internet & the Meaning of Life

1. We are one.

The Internet is a physical manifestation of our oneness. It may seem like a separate thing from us, but it's made up of connections, transactions and exchanges between people, places, things and ideas. When we are connected to the Internet, we are connected to everything on the Internet. Substitute the word "life" for "Internet" and you can see how the Internet is just a manifestation of our underlying source. Connect to life, connect to everything. And since we are life, we are always connected. The fun part is learning to become conscious of that connection and use it to our advantage.

2. Life is fun.

Why do you go online? Because it's fun to learn, it's fun to talk to people on Facebook, it's fun to watch the human drama. It's fun to look up porn, it's fun to go shopping, and it's fun to make things to share with our friends. It's fun to track our progress, it's fun to LOL, and it's fun to watch technology merge with our lives so quickly. We go online to have fun. That's the only good reason to do anything.

3. Nothing is serious.

Even if something bad happens, everyone forgets about it by tomorrow. If one part of the Internet goes down, it's already been backed up and mirrored somewhere else. The Internet doesn't die. And neither do we. We're eternal, duh!

4. Your life should feel good to you.

When we publish to the Internet, we feel the eyes of the whole. We know that anyone and everyone could read our words. That feeling of being compelled to post online is actually the flow of life inspiring you to share with the rest of humanity. It feels good to be inspired to post online. It feels like freedom and confidence and power. When you want to share about your life, trust it is the inspiration of god guiding you. Share your life when it feels good, and if you don't want to share, ask yourself if your life feels good to you.

5. It's whatever you want.

What you put online is as true as anything else. A fact is just something someone believes to be true. A belief is just a pattern of thoughts one thinks over and over. And a thought is just a choice. What do you want to see reflected in your reality? If you want love, start posting about the love you already have—what you like about it, where you see it, how it feels. If you want money, share about the abundance you already have. If you want health, emphasize the parts of you that are healthy.

As a direct manifestation of humanity's oneness, the Internet provides a fantastic forum for testing the power of thought. What happens online, you can assume is a reflection of our greater consciousness. We have immediate access to the things we want. We can talk to each other instantly through the air. We unveil new possibilities every second. Everything you can do online, you can do in your head. That is the Internet showing us the meaning of life.

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Jessica Mullen
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