The Power of Ritual

Crucifijos de los Rosarios

The Power of Ritual

Crucifijos de los Rosarios
Thank you Nathan!

I was raised Catholic, and I never understood the ceremony. Every week, the body of Christ, blah blah blah. Thankfully, Abraham, Alan Watts and Eckart Tolle somehow combined to help me understand. One purpose of ritual is to appreciate the abundance in one's life while one has it. In Catholic mass, we celebrate the bread of life while consuming the bread of life. This is otherwise known as "practicing the feeling" of being eternally fed.

We tend to take a lot of life for granted. But if we choose to be in the present moment and enjoy the abundance surrounding us, we begin attracting even more abundance. For example, Kelly and I like to pick up a certain kind of incense. Sometimes we can't find it, and sometimes we don't have the money for it with us when we do. So anytime we are able to find this incense and bring it home, we spend a few minutes appreciating it before putting it away. We look at it and touch it and talk about what we like about it, and what it feels like to have it. We are "practicing the feeling" because we are feeling what it feels like to have what we want.

The more we choose to focus on such moments, the easier it is to practice the feeling of having incense when we're out. Instead of being cranky that we're without, we simply recall what it feels like to have it. And then it comes, every single time. That is the power of ritual.

This applies to everything in your life you like. Do you have perfect health right now? Start appreciating it. Start milking the feeling of having perfect health while you have it, then you can remember what it feels like when your health isn't as good. Notice what your body feels like. Notice how clear your mind is. Notice how good it feels to be pain-free. Notice how good it feels to breathe without congestion. Notice your energy level. Practice appreciating the abundance you have right now and you will attract more and more.

Another example is to practice the feeling of having a reliable car while you're driving. Isn't it great to have a car that runs well, that has a full tank of gas and no warning lights flashing? Doesn't it feel so good to have the freedom of a car, to be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want? Isn't it wonderful to drive fast in a well made, clean, working machine?

The value of milking the feeling of having what you want is that when you want something, it gets easier to feel as if you have it. You know what it feels like to have what you want because you appreciate the feeling all the time. Not only will you attract more abundance into your life (because you are sending a signal of abundance when you appreciate), but when you want something you haven't had before, you'll have easy access to the feeling of "having what I want". It tends to feel like ease and flow and "but of course I would have this! It makes so much sense!"

Be it, then see it. Feel the way you would as if you had it, and then see it show up in your reality. The way you feel attracts your thoughts, which create your reality. Send a signal of abundance and get exactly the same in return.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.