Life is so weird

Life is so weird

I am all I can be. I am in the now in every moment, vibrating love, confidence and flow. I choose where to place my attention. I am always conscious. I am always aware. I am always the observer. I am not my thoughts, and I am not my emotions. I am beyond thought. I have expanded beyond thought. What a solution.

Isn't this fun? Isn't it so fun to decide what you want and then get it? Isn't it so fun to be human? Isn't it so fun that this is the way things are? The way we made them? Isn't that so weird?

I am all I can be. In every moment I follow the flow. That's all it takes to be all I can be. It's so easy. There is no thinking ahead. There is no planning. There is no struggle. It's so easy. Be in the moment, and feel for the flow. Your path will light up before you. Holy shit it's so easy.

Your mind will resist. It will keep you out of the present for a while, but you'll get better every single day. Your mind is just doing what it does. Your mind will try to knock you unconscious when it's tired, or when you get lazy and stop directing your thoughts. The mind is here to be tamed and used. The mind is here to create. It's a tool. Just because a saw can cut your hand off doesn't mean you let it!

Your mind is the same. It can build houses or it can destroy them. It can do anything. That's how powerful we are. Whatever we can imagine, the mind creates. Isn't that weird?

So when we imagine the negative, that is created too. But the beautiful part of the negative is that the opposite is always created. As soon as you imagine the negative or experience the negative, you know what you do want - the opposite. And then you have a goal, a place to go. You've expanded, and now you get to experience the thrill of catching up.

It's your choice what to do with your mind. You can create anything you want, and you do, with every single thought. Your mind is powerful. And at first you'll be afraid, but remember that everything you're afraid of is probably something you should do.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.