Good morning!

Good morning!

Grateful for sleep! Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful for pwny and linty! Grateful for my perfect health! Grateful I feel so good! Grateful for Kelly! Grateful we get to run! Grateful for a million sources of inspiration! Grateful for my friends! Grateful for this now!

Grateful for ritual. Grateful for epiphanies. Grateful for the power of thought. Grateful I know my mood is my work. Grateful I do the work every single day. Grateful it gets easier every day. Grateful for momentum!

Grateful for new friends. Grateful for indicators. Grateful for my new office! Grateful for my family. Grateful for november! Grateful it's autumn and 75 degrees! Grateful I got up early. Grateful for the quiet morning. Grateful for new boxes of tissues! Grateful to be emitting a vibration of abundance.

Grateful it gets easier to eat less. Grateful to be rich and thin! Grateful to have the coolest website ever. Grateful to be unique. Grateful to be a risk taker. Grateful to know nothing is serious. Grateful to always get what I want! Grateful to be the oldest. Grateful to be a boss. Grateful to be the best! Grateful for Mondays. Grateful for fresh weeks! Grateful for the best day of my life!

Today I intend I create prolifically. Today I intend to practice stopping thought. Today I intend to have the most fun I've ever had. Today I intend to give whatever I can. Today I intend to lead with my light.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.