Be it and see it!

Be it and see it!

I am so grateful for my new office!!!!!

I am so grateful to read Kahlil Gibran on Giving!

I am so grateful I got to spend the afternoon with my mom!

I am so grateful Kel and I got Pei Wei for lunch!

I am so grateful all the clothes I tried on fit me!

I am so grateful that when you BE IT, you SEE IT!

I love being healthy. I love having the best website in the world! I love getting money! I love the abundance in my life! I love being thin! I love being happy! I love my wife! I love my kitties! I love my family! I love my friends! I love my apartment! I love feeling inspired all day every day! I love that I have a new pair of jeans!! I love shopping with my mom so much! I love running! I love getting compliments on having lost weight! I love feeling good in my body! I love that every day is easier! I love that I am more inspired every day! I love introducing people to Astrojax! I love working on my site! I love working on art! I LOVE MY NEW OFFICE. I love having my own space! I love electronic music! I love listening to Nicki in the car! I love seeing Hummers and Range Rovers all over the place! I love buying designer clothes! I love name brand athletic clothes! I love well made clothes! I love that all of my siblings will be living in Austin this winter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my life!!! I love this now! I love being present! It feels like becoming lucid in a dream! So much power!!!! I love this day!!!!!!!

Also, thanks to Todd for sending me this badass video!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.