Month: November 2011

Gathering Momentum

The Now

Grateful for an inspiring, flowing day at ucllc hq. Grateful I've been getting to code! Grateful to have the night free. Grateful to be excited to create! Grateful to have 2 lbs of hemp protein! Grateful for a new air filter! Grateful everything feels so good! Grateful for AJ! Grateful I get to do whatever I want tonight!

I intend to stop thinking so much. I intend to Be in the now. I intend to let the flow guide my actions. I intend to be peacefully, blissfully aware of the present moment. I intend to have fun! I intend to remember that the now always feels good. I intend to let the flow live me.

Gathering Momentum

The Now

I intend to be in the now, focused on the action at hand, not the fruits of my action. I intend to allow the flow to guide my thoughts, words and actions. I intend to ask, "what patterns does the flow want to make?" I intend to inspire and be inspired. I intend to make more thought direction tools!

Gathering Momentum

Success! Focus achieved and sustained! [gathering momentum]

Good morning my dearest treasures! Happy hump day and happy last day of November! Last night Kelly and I worked on my site layout and I must say I am so happy with the results! How do you feel about the evolution of the look of Anyway, to celebrate the last day of November, let's do it up big. Only the biggest and brightest ideas allowed today, only the most flowing experiences, only the most joy! Let's bust through our resistance and live the way we know is truly easiest... dancing to the rhythm of life.

I am so grateful for Life Story. I have been filling them out every day about so many different things and they are just plain life changing. They make me want to make a cute positive thinking survival pack/purse thing... full of universal grocery lists, Life Story books, colorful pencils and definitely an iphone :]

I am so grateful that when I choose to feel good, it always comes. I am so grateful that when I focus on the present moment and what my hands are doing, I can see the patterns the flow is making through me. I am so grateful for the flow of life. I am so grateful to be alive and conscious. I am so grateful for the shift in world consciousness happening as I type.

I am so grateful to be learning more and more ways to access, and live in, flow. I am so grateful I know what flow is and I feel it every single day. I am so grateful I know it's a choice to feel good and be in the flow. I am so grateful I make the choice to be in the flow every single day.

I am so grateful for the power of thought and the power of intention. I can say "I intend to feel good" and focus for just a little bit, and I feel good. The manifestations flow so quickly when I take the time to think about what I want, then practice the feeling of having it. I am so grateful it's so easy.

My vision
I see interactive thought direction tools becoming all the rage. I see it getting easier to direct thought. I see everyone sharing what helps them feel good. I see good ideas spreading so fast.

Wouldn't it be nice to figure out how to pose the question "What patterns does the flow want to make?" in an interactive thought direction tool? Wouldn't it be nice to make an interactive thought direction tool that was an article? Wouldn't it be nice to attract more thought direction tool ideas? Wouldn't it be nice to have a thought direction tool that was 2 steps and could be used at work? Wouldn't it be nice to let the flow unveil the pattern?

How are we expanding?
We are learning to wrangle our pretty little minds. We are learning that we are more than our minds. We are putting the knowledge into practice. We are becoming aware of our wholeness, of our inherent perfection, of the ease and flow of life. We are seeing life is easy, it's fun, just let go and trust the flow!!

What I want to feel today

  • Creative inspiration!!

Today I intend to practice stopping thought. I intend to feel for the flow.

I love listening to 936Hz pineal gland activators. I love choosing to feel good. I love that I can choose to feel good no matter what. I love being in the flow. I love telling new stories. I love wearing this cute pullover. I love being warm. I love getting up early to focus on how I feel. I love that I meditate every single day. I love that I make thought direction tools! I love that my calling is making worksheets and all that! I love being a leader in thought direction technology!!

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • What patterns does the flow want to make?
  • Where is the flow leading me?

Links I love

  • Sunni Brown does a TED Talk on doodling (in March 2011)! This girl is the shit!!!!

I love you, you love me, we're one happy be-e-ing.

Gathering Momentum

The Now

Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful for pwny and linty! Grateful for a new day to create with! Grateful to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Grateful for the flow!

Grateful for pipe cleaner cat toys. Grateful Kel and I worked on my site last night! Grateful for my creative director. Grateful my site is evolving beautifully. Grateful for this now.

Grateful for my arms and legs and ears and mouth. Grateful for my health. Grateful to be excited for this day!

Gathering Momentum

Patterns in the flow [gathering momentum]

Hello kitten caboodles! I am so happy to be writing, milking feeling good, practicing the feeling of being awesome :P I got to spend my day looking at menus from the late 1800s and coding borders around things. It was bliss, and I hope to begin to explain why sometime in the future... like right now?

I am so grateful that I am beginning to feel the patterns of the flow. I am so grateful to be a pattern making machine, powered by the flow of life. I am so grateful to be learning how to be the hand of god. Isn't it crazy that it's something one can deliberately learn? I feel the beat of everything, I see my thoughts connecting to manifestations in my reality so clearly. I can feel the pattern life wants me to create. And it sounds almost oppressive, except it's the most free I can feel. The pattern is what I want to create but couldn't imagine putting together. It's one long synchronous paintbrush of perfect timing. It's letting go of every single negative thought and just being until the flow moves me.

I am beginning to feel the flow of life in every action, in every moment. I asked for this, and now it's here. I can feel the beat in everything I can do. Today while playing AJ I started asking myself, "what pattern does the flow want to make?" If you let go of your mind and let your hands do the talking, you can watch the flow move right through your fingertips.

What patterns does the flow want me to make right now? If I keep the thought fresh in my mind, I can feel it instantly. Everything is on beat. The music helps, but has nothing to do with it. I feel it when my margins are right. I feel it when I find the perfect image. I feel it when I see a post come together. I feel it when I write things on my grocery list. I feel it in the conversation. It's getting hard to ignore it, because everything is it. Once you start looking for it, you can't unsee it.

I feel the flow guiding my physical body when it comes to acting or doing. I ask the flow to show me the pattern. And because it is the flow coming through me, it is a completely unique expression, and not only that - it is perfect. It may not be technically perfect, but if something was off about it, it would be a solution, a piece to a much bigger puzzle.

When we allow the flow through us in our work, in our play, in our conversation, in our cars, in our thoughts, it makes magick. That's all there is to it. People can accomplish incredible things that only perfect timing could produce. The flow makes no mistakes. The flow is achingly beautiful, and feels like the best sex ever to be a part of it. It is so exhilarating.

My vision
I see us learning how to live in flow. It's happening, and none of us could ever stop it. Everything is on beat. It's always been this way anyway. It's like a secret mode in a video game. As soon as you find it once, it's yours! The flow of life has reached the point where the flow can talk for itself. I suppose it has always been that way too, I'm just now able to perceive it. Everything always was and will forever be, I just get the unique individual experience of perceiving it from a single expanding perspective. That is so cool.

I see us able to understand each other more clearly. I see good ideas rising to the top more quickly. I see the flow unveiling such incredible solutions for us. We are all beginning to see the perfect timing of everything. We see it because we look, and we are in it because we let go.

I see the Internet compressing time, to a point where we all live in the Now, creating in the sea of infinite possibility.

Wouldn't it be nice to focus on the patterns life is flowing through me?

How are we expanding?
We are finding new ways to access the flow. We are waking up our sense of flow. The mind is connecting to source once again. We live in such delicious times.

What I want to feel today

  • Inspiration

Today I intend to love you and mean it. Today I intend to practice sending love. I love you. I love. I am a lover. I am one who loves. I am open. I love unconditionally. I love you. I love me. I love this. I love life. I love being alive. I intend to give. I intend to give with my example. I intend to dazzle and delight. I intend to be in the flow and inspire from in the flow.

Today's affirmations / thoughts to bookmark

  • What patterns is the flow trying to make?

Links I love

That OVO and that XO is everything you believe in

Gathering Momentum

The Now

Grateful for the flow. Grateful to know what I want. Grateful to be focused. Grateful for the jams. Grateful for Drake! Grateful for the flow. Grateful to be back in the waves. Grateful to be powered up. Grateful for Kelly. Grateful we ran!! Grateful I ran on my toes! Grateful for dj Kelly! Grateful to be getting better at flowing. Grateful for our job! Grateful for this now. Grateful to be learning how to be in the now more and more. Grateful Kelly made my lunch! Grateful I always have perfect timing. Grateful for my health. Grateful for espresso muahahahahahaha.

I intend to stay focused on what I want! I intend to be in the now!

Tuesday Tips! Articles

Tuesday Tips: 11 Solutions to Improve Work, Feel Better…

Tuesday Tips!
Thank you J.Gabás Esteban!

Life design is all about finding ways to feel good in each moment. What makes you feel good can change every day. I'm always on the lookout for ways to make life more enjoyable, and now that I'm in the habit of looking, I attract more ideas than I know what to do with. This week I'm trying a new feature to wrangle all my little tips and tricks into one delicious digest for your reading pleasure. If you have a cool life design tip for next week, send me an email or leave a comment below!


1. What will you say when you sell your work?
Whether you're an artist, an independent designer, or a craftsperson, I know you have creative work you want to sell. When you're working on a project you intend to sell, think about the moment when money exchanges hands and someone purchases your work. What will you exclaim to your friend, partner or dog when you sell another piece? This will help you name your work in a friendly and accessible manner. Instead of crying "I sold another abstract sculpture of hair and teeth," maybe you yell "sold another Pet Dog!" Find a name that makes you feel excited to say it, and you'll find yourself in the feeling place of selling your work.

2. Look for the vibration you're trying to achieve.
If you're trying to get to the next level in your business, start looking for ways to access that vibration. For example, one way to take your business to a new level is by writing an "official bio" for yourself. Think about how someone else would write about your work for a magazine. It will be hard at first, but as you look for ways to talk yourself up, you'll begin attracting more examples.

3. Learn how to email posts to your site and Facebook.
If lifestreaming or blogging is part of your "work", make it easier to be in the flow of creating by posting via email. If you run self-hosted WordPress, create a new email address through your webhost, then use the Postie plugin. To post photos to Facebook via email, go to Facebook Mobile for your personal upload email address.


4. Be happy for the sake of the rest of us.
When you are happy, we all are, because we are all one. Your life is a perfect mirror of you, so whatever signal you send is the one you receive.

5. Learn how to love feeling bad.
When you feel bad because you aren't where you want to be, it's only the contrast of life helping you discern preferences. Bless the contrast, because only contrast can make you know you want something else. Contrast causes you to ask, and when you ask, it is given. Thanks contrast!

6. Deposit joy in your future.
One way to practice the feeling of joy (so it can reflect back to you) is to picture yourself feeling joyful in the near future. Imagine a future scenario, like driving to work, and then picture yourself injecting joy in that moment. How do you feel, how are you acting, what are you thinking when you feel that joy?

7. Let yourself cry.
Kelly and I like to think of crying as "leveling up". When you allow yourself to cry, you get to go from a very low emotion like anger, to a much higher emotion like content. Crying is a physical way to produce the feeling of relief, which you feel any time you move up the emotional scale. Crying is one way to make a quick jump from feeling bad to feeling good without doing much thinking about it.

Stopping thought

8. Write down everything so you can stop thinking.
Anytime you have a good idea, write it down. Even if it's just an ok idea, write it down. The faster you can get thoughts out of your head, the more time you can spend not thinking so you can attract even better ideas. Even good ideas get stale when bouncing around one's head too long, so just let your thoughts go as you have them and revisit them when you're feeling your best.

9. Focus on your inner body.
To cause an avalanche of manifestations, practice focusing on your inner body so intently that you tune out all external stimuli. This level of presence stops resistant thoughts, allowing the manifestations you were blocking to flow. One way to focus on your inner body is to focus on your breathing as if you're trying to stop hiccuping.

10. Let the flow do your exercise.
For years I thought exercise was just plain painful and hard. But after I started running long distances, I realized there is definitely a point when exercise is effortless and fun. Now I know that exercise is supposed to feel good, and if it feels bad that means I'm having resistant thoughts. Exercise should feel like it's not even your body doing the work—it's the flow of life running through your body. To access that state during exercise, try thinking in mantras ("I'm in the flow") or just keep reminding yourself that you are looking for that flow state. It will come easily if you feel for it. Just remember how it feels to ride a bicycle—exercise should feel that smooth.

11. Practice breathing.
Breath is our simplest connection to the flow of life. It represents the black/white, yes/no, on/off nature of reality. You can't inhale without exhaling. Focusing on your breath is a wonderful way to stop thought and remember that you are a spiritual being having a miraculous physical experience. Picture yourself breathing in love, and then exhaling love into the universe. Imagine the impact you would have if you infused every exhalation with love. It's just another way to send the signal you want to receive.

Gathering Momentum

Good morning!

So grateful to be awake and alive! So grateful we went grocery shopping and made chili last night. So grateful for interesting dreams I actually remember. So grateful for purring pwnies. So grateful for a brand new day. So grateful for another chance to create. So grateful to be up early. So grateful for a successful product launch yesterday! So grateful for people who understand my work! So grateful it's getting better every day. So grateful to have time to write and create and work on my own projects. So grateful for the ebb and flow of life. So grateful I am learning how to go higher and higher in the waves. So grateful to be here.

So grateful to know what I want. So grateful I know what I know. So grateful I know I'm a spiritual being in a human body. I know my thoughts create. I know life is supposed to be fun. I know life is supposed to feel good to me. I know I chose to be here. I know there is only well being. I know there is only abundance. I know there is only now.

Today I intend I ride the wave. Today I intend to go higher than ever before. Today I intend to look within for reasons to feel good. Today I intend to feel my best. Today I intend to love unconditionally. Today I intend to give all I can give. Today I intend to let the flow guide me. Today I intend to practice feeling the way I want to feel.

Wouldn't it be nice to flow higher? Wouldn't it be nice to go deeper into the dream? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up more? Wouldn't it be nice to let go? Wouldn't it be nice to choose to feel my best? Wouldn't it be nice to let life live me? Wouldn't it be nice to work on a new project today? Wouldn't it be nice to record more podcasts? Wouldn't it be nice to record every day? Wouldn't it be nice to record and publish today?

I love choosing to guide my thoughts. I love that pwny is playing with a charlie brown bracelet. I love being here! I love becoming more lucid every day! I love seeing through the illusion every so often and feeling so much love for the game.


The Life Story Visualization Tool [$5 PDF Download]

One simple premise I live by is that thoughts create. If you believe that thoughts create, all you have to do to get what you want is think accordingly. But have you ever wondered how exactly to do that? What are the thoughts I should think to make my dream come true?

People into the law of attraction will tell you that it's as easy as telling a new story about your life. But how the eff do you tell a new story? It can be overwhelming to organize your thoughts into new patterns.

Mental coach Jim Fannin teaches people to achieve their dreams by telling them one thing: "Play a movie in your head of you achieving your big goal." But how do you come up with that movie?

Today I'm launching a solution that will help you craft the new story you want to live. It's called Life Story, and it's a one page 8.5 × 11" PDF download that you cut and fold into a cute 16 page book.

Life Story

The way Life Story works is quick and easy. First, you identify what you want. This could be anything from "I want to make a new friend today" to "I want to be self-employed in 2012." Big or small, the goal doesn't matter.

Begin by stating what you want in past tense, which starts installing the thought pattern you desire. "This is the story of how I became self-employed in 2012."

Life Story spread 1

Then you find one example of something that would make you believe you're on your way to your dream. "The first sign the trick was working was when several people commissioned my work."

Life Story Chapter 1

Next, find an example manifestation that would pretty much seal the deal on your goal. "What truly tipped the scales and made me believe in my own power was the month I made more money from my own work than at my day job."

Life Story Chapter 2

Since the scales have been tipped, all you have to do is relax and let the manifestation come to you. You know you've reached your goal, and "the icing on the cake was singing joyfully on the way out of the office on my last day of work."

Life Story Chapter 3

Don't forget the the most fun part—make a cover for your book too!

Why it works

The reason Life Story works so well is because it gives you a simple 3-part story to recall instead of whatever random negative thoughts you may have been having in the past. Having a basic framework for the story you want to live puts you in the feeling place of having what you want, and allows the universe to fill in the details.

What you are doing at the core with Life Story is sending the signal of already having what you want. Telling your story the way you want to hear it is a way to be it and then see it. When your dominant thought pattern is "I already live the life of my dreams," your reality has no choice but to reflect that.

How do I get one?

Continue to the Life Story website to learn more, or click the button below to purchase.

$5 Download Now