The Now

The Now

You are powerful beyond measure. You are in control of your experience. There is only now. Embrace your now. Everything is already perfect in your now.

Breathe deeply and fully. Appreciate the stillness of your body. Appreciate the satisfaction of the end of the week. Appreciate how far you've come.

What do you want? Stay focused on what you want. I love feeling good in my body. I love getting money. I love making things. I love being in the now.

Stay focused on what you want. Decide to feel good now. You already have the life you want. Just open your eyes to it.

I love having the best site on the Internet! I love losing weight! I love getting money! I love feeling confident and inspired! I love creating! I love being in the now! I love directing my thoughts! I love choosing my reality. I feel the best I've ever felt.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.