Happy Consciousness Upgrade Day!


Happy Consciousness Upgrade Day!

Thanks again Spreng Ben!

Today we are entering a new level of human consciousness. Welcome! The universe has been working on a new reality release that you may have been getting tastes of the past month. The full impact of this consciousness upgrade may take you a couple weeks to assimilate, or you may find yourself with an entirely new perspective all at once today. So what does this consciousness upgrade mean for you?!


In this new release you will find your creative power magnified to a power of 10. Whatever you want is created instantly, and now you have access to your creation 10 times more quickly. What this actually means is that you are now able to release resistance (negative thoughts) much more easily.


With the acceleration of time and expansion, you will find yourself feeling the emotion of excitement more and more. It may feel like anxiety at first, but remember that anxiety is just excitement plus negative thoughts. Life is changing quickly, and the only way to be a part of the change is to embrace it.


The flow is the divine pulse of life, the moving energy that creates worlds. Moments in flow are called synchronicities. Today you will begin feeling the flow stronger than ever. You will find yourself swimming in coincidences that really aren't coincidences at all–it's the universe conspiring to bring you what you want. As we accept the power of our minds and of the flow more and more, we will find evidence of our collaboration all around us. Stop what you're doing for a minute and observe your surroundings. Aren't you in the perfect place at the perfect time? Isn't it amazing that every moment ever created lead up to right now?


You are beginning to feel the most inspired you've ever felt. Good ideas keep popping in your head. You are inspired to take the perfect action at the perfect time. Often you realize you're halfway done with your best work before you even knew you were doing work. Embrace the deliciousness of inspiration and relax into it. You don't have to act on any of the ideas that occur to you, just relish how good they feel. You will act on your inspiration when life moves you to. You don't have to do a thing, but enjoy the pleasure of thinking. The universe will take care of the arrangements and circumstances.

Dreams coming true

Major manifestations are beginning to occur all around you. That relationship you always wanted? Today is the day you'll look up and see it right in front of your face. The abundance you desire? You already have it. The perfect solution you've been yearning for? You already know what it is. Expect major technological innovation in the coming days. Prepare for the wonder you will see in your eyes and in everyone's around you!

Asking and receiving in real time

We are now in a period of real time flow, where the human mind and the flow of the universe are co-creating knowingly. We know that life is supposed to be fun. We know that feeling good feels good. We know our thoughts create, and our mood attracts our thoughts. Now we get to celebrate how far we've come, and live the rest of our dream lives playing and creating in harmony with the universe.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.