The Now

The Now

Bask in the perfection of your now. Slow your thoughts and observe them. Decide to feel the best you've ever felt right now. Decide to feel good. Choose to feel the feeling you want to feel.

Everything is a solution. Everything in your reality is trying to help you. Every moment ever created lead up to this now. There is only now. Step into your now.

As you slow your thoughts, imagine your third eye opening. It opens wider as you slow thought to a stop. Your third eye sees everything. It knows everything. Imagine a portal in your head that leads to all that is. Imagine you have access to infinite intelligence, and your third eye is a portal to that. All you need to do is stop thinking and you'll feel relief. The relief is always there when you stop thought.

Your life is a result of your expectations, which come from your beliefs, which are created by your thoughts. Change your thoughts and change your life.

Life is supposed to be fun. Everything is working out for you. You are in the exact place you're supposed to be. Say yes to what is. Let your resistance go. You are doing everything right.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.