New Worksheet! 60 Things I Love About…

60 Things I Love

New Worksheet! 60 Things I Love About…

60 Things I Love
Practicing the emotion of appreciation attracts more experiences to appreciate. While the Universal Grocery List worksheet is about appreciating all the good things in life, this "60 Things I Love About..." worksheet aligns your thoughts on a specific subject.

Download the "60 Things I Love About..." Worksheet

60 Things I Love About...

This worksheet can help you clean up resistant thoughts about negative situations, and it can help you expand the areas of your life you already love. Try filling out a list about someone you don't get along with, and surprise yourself with how much more warmly you feel about them. Or write a list about your lover or partner and remember all the dozens of reasons you like to be around them.

The point of the worksheet is to help you practice the feeling of appreciation, but also to train you into noticing things you love about everything. When practicing positive thinking, you don't have to stop thinking negative thoughts. You just have to fill up your head with so many good thoughts there's no more room for the negative.

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  • Ariane

    Just printed out a bunch, I love doing your worksheets! I have a binder stuffed full of ’em.

  • jessica mullen

    Woo yay!!! So happy to hear that :D

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