Lifestreaming Is Open Source Thinking

Lifestreaming Is Open Source Thinking

Lifestreaming Is Open Source Thinking
Thoughts create and how we feel attracts our thoughts. To design one's life means not only deliberately choosing what thoughts to think, but also deliberately choosing what emotion to feel.

Life design is really two different things: thinking, and not thinking. Both are integral to successful conscious creation. We stop thought to access the calm, infinite intelligence of consciousness, which allows us to know our inherent well being. We think to create. When we do both in balance, we create as gods. Ask, and it is given. You can be or do or have whatever you want.

Lifestreaming is a way to manage the thinking side of life design, and a way to become more conscious of the not-thinking part. Lifestreaming at its core is open source thinking. The source code for the design of my life is my thoughts, and when I make my thoughts public on the Internet, you get to see the source code for my life. And when you view my lifestream, you see more documentation of the times I am not thinking, like when I'm exercising or playing Astrojax or meditating.

I digitize my thoughts and add them to my public lifestream website for many reasons. Most importantly, writing is my primary thought direction practice. I spend 30 minutes to several hours every day consciously selecting thoughts that feel good to think and write them down. I credit this practice with changing the direction of my entire life, from aimless and uncertain to focused and confident and FUN. Diligently directing my thoughts every single day keeps me dedicated to loving myself and my life. Having this record is pure evidence of the magick of life. But the true value in this practice is that it genuinely feels good, and that is the only time thinking is of value anyway - when it feels good.

I also publicly share my thoughts to celebrate our one consciousness. We are all part of the same whole. We are all made of the exact same energy (love, or god, or source). We all want the same things - to have fun and be loved. We are all perfect. All of our experiences have the same value - to expand the universe.

Since we are all one consciousness, there is no reason for me to fear you or what you think. I may create a version of you that has negative thoughts about me, but you are not your mind. I know negative thoughts about me are not true. And I know that you are, at heart, me. With that logic I share my thoughts to practice fearlessness, to practice trusting you instead of fearing your judgement. I trust that you understand what I'm doing. I trust that you are a loving being.

Privacy is a big concern for many on the Internet. My belief is that we feel the need for privacy because we are afraid of each other's thoughts, and we are afraid for our financial or personal safety. But what if we chose to trust each other, to not need privacy, to trust that we can all do our own things without penalty? What if we sacrificed privacy for trust and unity? You can argue there will always be some that will take advantage of the openness. But couldn't we train ourselves out of that belief too? Jesus could. We are all made of god. None of us is bad, or evil, or wrong.

I lifestream to stay accountable for my own thoughts, which create my beliefs, my words and my actions. By challenging myself to write as if everyone was looking, I feel inspired to keep going. I am performing this experiment for my own good, and for the good of everyone. What if this works? I can already tell you it does. It takes a lot of practice to get any degree of control, but what work of art has ever been perfect the first brushstroke?

Life is easier when you direct the process from seed to harvest. Shaping your life at the level of thought is like getting to choose whatever you want to plant in your garden. If you don't choose what seeds you plant, you'll end up with the same random experiences that left you questioning the meaning of life in the first place. And probably a lot of zucchini you won't know what to do with either. Whether you choose to plant your garden publicly or not is up to you, but it sure is nice to share ideas about what to grow and how to do it.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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