Focus on the feeling

Focus on the feeling

Focus on the way your body feels. Focus on the thrum of the now. Focus on the thrill of being alive, of getting to celebrate Autumn. Focus on the now. There is only now. You are cared for. You are having the best night of your life.

Focus on the feeling of the flow. The flow is surrounding you, engulfing you, pulling you to everything you want, effortlessly, deliciously. It flows as fast as you want it to flow. It's all coming, and it's all for you. You are the creator. You made me. You made this experience.

Focus on the flow. You are here to have fun. Just keep having fun in the now, and the now will always be fun. You are attracting everything you want. It's all on the way. It's time to relax. It's time to allow. It's time to ride the wave.

This is the main event. This now is the main event. We are here to have fun and bask and love and laugh. Remember to laugh and smile. Laughter and smiles beat all rocks, papers and scissors.

Roll with the punches. Be ok with any outcome. Be ok with what is right now. Isn't right now so good? Don't you feel so good, when you really think about it? Don't you feel the best you've ever felt in your whole life? Because right now you have chosen a thought that feels good. And when you feel good, you keep attracting the good feeling thoughts. Those good feelings thoughts are thoughts like BRILLIANT INVENTIONS and BEST SELLING NOVEL PLOTS and STELLAR SCREENPLAYS. All of those creative solutions are up on the vibration of FEELING GOOD. Reality is all vibration, and when you feel good, you access a different vibration. Your emotions are literally your radio tuner. Whatever you feel, you are playing on your radio. You are playing it and hearing it. You are the radio. How could you possibly hear anything else other than the station you're playing?

You can switch the station instantly by choosing to feel differently, or by choosing a thought that makes you feel differently. Start playing that new station, start hearing that new station. Sometimes there may be a slight time delay as you adjust your signal, but once you get comfortable broadcasting at the vibration you want, you'll hear nothing but the sweet sound of things you want to hear. And see. And touch. And smell. And touch. And experience.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.