New podcast!

What do you have?
I can feel the flow. I know the flow. I know it when I draw, when I play Astrojax, when I meditate, when I fuck. I know it when I exercise, when I drive, when I make a smoothie, when I put on eyeliner. I feel it in music, I see it in traffic, I taste it on my breath. I feel the flow. It surrounds me. If I quiet my mind, there is the flow. The only thing that could ever block the flow is thought. I am the master of my mind. I let thought go and go with the flow.

What do you want?
Alignment. To be in my vortex. To look and feel my best.
To leave a tail of creation behind me with every step. To play with thought. To play with people. To be too excited to eat. To be too happy to care. To be in the now. To remember that right now, THIS, right here!, is the trip. This, THIS, NOW!, is the main event. Every moment ever has lead up to RIGHT NOW, that makes it pretty special doesn't it?!

Relax and go with the flow. Appreciate that it's Friday! Appreciate the abundance of time you have. Appreciate how far you've come. Appreciate how fun it is to keep going. Appreciate all the new desires you've had already today. Appreciate your pets and your spouses and your friends and the beautiful weather.

You don't have to think yourself into alignment. You can just choose to be in alignment.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.