All I can see is the flow

All I can see is the flow

How do I get in the vortex?
Appreciate your now. Feel how amazing your body feels. Feel the power of your mind. Feel the flow running through you. Do you hear it in your music? Do you feel it in the rhythm of your breath? The beating of your heart? It's all around you, powering everything. The flow, source energy, the now.

There is nothing to worry about. There is nothing to think about. There is nothing to decide. When you're in the flow, the decisions are made effortlessly before you even realize what you're doing. When you create in flow, you don't even realize you've created your biggest and best project until you're halfway into it. You do it because it feels good. You start because you had an impulse and you followed it. Something sounded fun, and now just thinking about creating gets you out of bed in the morning.

Decide to feel the way you want to feel right now. Confident? Look around at your kingdom, your empire. Look around at all you've created. Look at how far you've come. Look at how much practice you've had. Remember how much you know. This stuff is easy for you. It's easy for you to achieve the vibrations you want. It's easy to be that girl. It's easy to be the one that everything is easy for. Ease and flow.

Be confident life is taking care of you. Be confident you are supported by source energy. Know your power. Know the power of your thoughts. Know that it's easy to direct your thoughts and get what you want. Know that it's so easy, all you have to do is feel your way around. Be confident that yes, this is real, your thoughts are creating. Be confident that your thoughts are creating. Be confident you are in control of your reality. Be confident there is no reason to care about what anyone else thinks but you.

Decide to feel the way you want to feel right now. Inspired? Look at the papers all over your desk. Look at the drawings you're creating. Look at all the work you're making, all day every day. Look at how you are creating even as you yearn to feel more inspired. Not a moment goes by when you are not inspired. You always have the spirit in you. You always have the flow inside of you, and when you learn different ways to let It flow through you, existing in any other state isn't enough.

Isn't this fun? Isn't this fun to learn how to feel the force of life? Isn't it fun to learn to trust the universe, that which created you? Isn't it fun to feel like you get at least a tiny part of the mystery? Isn't that such miraculous progress since you were a child, wondering what god was and who "I" was and who was I to be alive?

Isn't it fun when every moment holds the potential for new patterns of thought? Isn't it fun when you start changing more and more patterns to match what you want? Isn't it fun to think in the flow?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.