Time for today’s magick show!

Time for today’s magick show!

I'm so grateful for my health and my strength and my creativity and my good mood. I'm so grateful I practice.

I do this show for myself, to surprise myself and play. It's an opportunity to practice telepathy and create synchronicities, miracles and delicious feelings with the flow. The best tricks are when I identify a strong desire, let it go, and it shows up instantly. But the whole point of the show is to feel like a magician, like I'm in control of my reality, like I'm doing exactly what I was born to do. The point is to appreciate each Now as I experience it.

I'm a magician and lifestreamer and I know exactly what I'm doing.
There is only now. This is a trip. "You're just tripping, you can handle it." This is what I wanted.

Yesterday's upgrade was a success. I'm in alignment. I choose the thoughts I want to think and watch them play out in my reality. Easy. Everything I create is a piece of the story, and it's all under my control.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.