October 18 consciousness upgrade.

October 18 consciousness upgrade.

I love being in my vortex. I love being in the flow. I love pwning a new level. I love being excited about Astrojax and my friends and drawing and photography and lifestreaming and graphic design and Under Consideration and podcasting and running and writing raps in my head.

It's time for a magickal order meeting in my dreams.
Tonight the meeting is about flying practice and telepathy.

This is where we'll meet (thanks for the idea, Fredrik).

Consciousness Upgrade | 12:00am on October 18 - This upgrade included: flow diet bug fixes, more direct access to feeling of creative inspiration (via Nicki.exe and unicorn.zip), a higher resolution concept of lifestreaming (predictive storytelling algorithm), a telepathy firmware calibration, and colorful stickers!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.