Why would I go hard when this shit is so easy?

Why would I go hard when this shit is…

So grateful for this now. So grateful writing always works. So grateful it's speeding up. So grateful for the flow. So grateful the boat is turned. So grateful I feel so good. So grateful to be running again. So grateful for more time spent in flow. So grateful I do what I do. So grateful for my lifestream. So grateful for a place to focus. So grateful I write so much every day. So grateful for the flow.

What's my next trick?
Lucid dreams. Telepathic dreams. Connecting dreams. Seeing connections in dreams. Seeing through the illusion a little more.

Tonight I intend to flow. To be in the now.

What do I have?
Control. Practice. Focus. Hunger.

What do I want?
Miracles. Synchronicities. To get up early and take over the world with you.

I want to be creating with every breath. And I am.


I love you. I love everything about you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.