Happy Saturday! [gathering momentum]

Happy Saturday! [gathering momentum]

I am so grateful for the opportunity to focus. I am so grateful to be a spiritual being having a physical experience. I am so grateful for my friends and family. I am so grateful for Kelly. I am so grateful Kelly is such a good designer. I am so grateful she is so fun. I am so grateful we live in Austin.

I am so grateful to have time to write. I am so grateful we get to go to Body Pump! I am so grateful I direct my thoughts. I am so grateful to be on the lookout for fresh ideas. I am so grateful to feel so inspired. I am so grateful to feel so good. I am so grateful to be up so early! I am so grateful to be on a schedule I love! I am so grateful for the opportunities pouring into my life.

I am so grateful to be working on art. I am so grateful I work on my site every day. I am so grateful I can always feel the flow. I am so grateful for my health. I am so grateful the rent is paid and the bills are paid. I am so grateful everything is speeding up. I am so grateful for Nicki Minaj! I am so grateful to be directing thought. I am so grateful thoughts create. I am so grateful for the power I have. I am so grateful for this Now.

I am so grateful for the flow. I am so grateful I can always feel the flow. I am so grateful to feel inspired. YES.

My vision
I see new life for my site. I see myself repositioning the language, the feel, just a bit. I see myself realigning my focus. I see myself with clarity in my vibration. I see myself feeling certainty about my work. I see myself creating leading edge work. I see myself able to communicate more clearly than ever before. I see myself outlining the flow, leading by example. I see myself leading with light.

I see myself creating art, posters, illustration. I see myself in the creative flow.
I see myself lifestreaming, life designing, loving. I see myself bringing the focus back to lifestreaming!
I see myself practicing magick. Making a magician's handbook. Thought direction. Worksheets! Mind tricks. A magick trick is anything that tricks my mind into alignment.

Wouldn't it be nice to take my site to the next level? Wouldn't it be nice to blow the lid off?

How am I expanding?
What do I want to create?
A life design methodology that I follow. More structure? More art. More flow. More structure and more flow. Art that says what I want to say. What do I want to say? Thoughts create? I'm only here to have fun? Life is magick? Create and play? Be and do? Feel your inner body? Telepathy?

An organized methodology to live my life by. Life design methodology with lifestreaming and love! Duh.
What does that mean?

There are a lot of methods... how do they collect into a methodology?
Lifestreaming is the container, thought organizer, magickal record. Love is the mindset or goal or focus.

Writing. Meditation. Exercise. Play. Flow. Creation.

It has to be easy! Every day I have to find new thoughts that feel good enough to keep me inspired throughout the day, like "life is magick" and "create and play" and "I'm a magician" and "I project a clear, strong signal of love and confidence."

Every day I practice the feelings I want to feel.

Every day I direct my thoughts through writing as often as I can. When I'm not writing, I often ask myself "what do I have?" and "what do I want?" to stay anchored in the present, thinking about what I want.

It's just about taking the time to focus and believing thoughts create. How much simpler can it be? Thoughts create, so take some time to focus what you're thinking about and all of reality will change. Do it in your lifestream and stop caring about what other people think, be accountable for your thoughts, and inspire other people.

My thought direction practice (lifestream) is public to provide a realtime example of the power of thought, to celebrate our one consciousness, to practice fearlessness, to challenge the paradigm of privacy, and to hold myself accountable for my thoughts, words and actions.

Why do I want to create it?
I want to level up in my practice. I want to get better and better. I want to feel confident and secure and certain.

So grateful for this Now. So grateful to be in the flow. So grateful to be pondering lifestreaming, life design and love. So grateful for magick and flow. So grateful life is magick! Life is magick, so don't worry about a thing!!!!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Katja

    so grateful & inspired by your thoughts on lifestreaming & life design. always the best!

  • jessica mullen

    Sometimes you really keep me going Katja <3

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