Be in the now, you always have the now

Be in the now, you always have the now

Yay new podcast!

I'm so grateful I'm so excited to create. I'm so grateful I got up so early today and ran 2 miles and went to body pump! I'm so grateful to have a diurnal sleep schedule! I'm so grateful for my vivid dreams! I'm so grateful to feel inspired EVERY MOMENT. I'm so grateful Kelly and I have a podcast. I'm so grateful we get to go to the country today!!!!

I'm so grateful to be thinking about lifestreaming more and more... I'm so grateful for the concept of lifestreaming as telling the story of your life. Your life can be any way you want, you just have to tell the story you want to live. It doesn't matter who is reading the story of your life, as long as you are the one writing it.

Isn't that cool?

Tell the story you want to live. Tell the story you want to live. Tell the story you want to live. Eventually you become so practiced in your story that it becomes true. Believe it, then see it. Always.

Today I intend to create with my muse. Today I intend to take over the world. Today I intend to attract new thoughts. Today I intend to have the most fun possible. Today I intend to have the best day of my life. Today I intend to create and play. !!!

What do I have?
Inspiration. A muse. Lots of exercise! Focus. The Now. Love. Fun! ANd I feel soooo good!

What do I want?
More about lifestreaming and life design. How lifestreaming is a way to take responsibility for the story(/design) of your life.

How am I expanding?
I'm making my best work. I'm taking lifestreaming to new heights. My oracle has the answers.

What do I have?
Flow! I know how to feel for the flow.

What do I want?
To make more! To push all of this further! To take it to the top! To reach new levels! New heights! Euphoria, of course. What else is there to want? I can't wait to find out.

My thoughts create. So when I direct my thoughts in my lifestream, I'm actively creating my reality. Streaming my life in file format. Then I experience the printout. It's like my lifestream is my raw file. Well really my thoughts are the raw files. The lifestream is an edited version. A mockup?

I am a magician and I get what I want. I project a clear, strong signal of confidence and love.
I am expanding lifestreaming and life design to new levels. School of Life Design year 2.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.