I am the master of my mind…..!>!>!>!>!

I am the master of my mind…..!>!>!>!>!

So grateful for this Now. So grateful I restarted my computer. So grateful for a productive day. So grateful for groceries and a fresh tank of gas and for Kelly and for getting to see M & T. So grateful for my lifestream. So grateful for my new art project. So grateful for groceries before it got dire.

So grateful writing always helps. So grateful writing always always works. So grateful I can always direct my thoughts and it's like getting a fire hose under control. It feels like a blanket, or a laser beam. It's warm. It's clear.

What do I have?
An article in progress I can finish at any time.
An inspiring internship to learn from.
A perfect wife.
Beautiful weather.
A wacom for drawing!
My bro.
A pretty tutu and perfect eyeliner.
Alcohol and food.
Plenty of money for rent and bills and groceries and everything else.
Excitement about working on my drawing!

What do I want?
A night spent in flow. To love myself unconditionally. To feel energized yet able to sleep later. To focus. To go with the flow. To have new ideas. To play AJ!

Yay I did that.
Now what?

What do I have?
Love. Astrojax! Wow I love Astrojax. Good music on Pandora. A wife to AJ with. Pop music. Flow. Salsa. I mean gazpacho. Inspiration. Something to work on.

What do I want?
To feel the best ever while working on this art. To have it feel like euphoria. Like universal speed.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.