so grateful for synchronicity and ART! [gathering momentum]

so grateful for synchronicity and ART! [gathering momentum]

new ill style preview
I am so grateful to be working with a new illustration style. The above is a work in progress. I am so grateful for spinach smoothies! I am so grateful Kelly didn't mind when I just made a smoothie while she was asleep... I am so grateful for my wife! I am so grateful I get to spend every day with Kelly. I am so grateful that we are so compatible.

I am so grateful it rained so much yesterday! I am so grateful we got to sleep to the sound of rain! I am so grateful for all the beautiful clouds! I am so grateful for the change in weather! I am so grateful to live where I do! I am so grateful Austin is such a peaceful happy place! I am so grateful to be feeling the flow! The flow is so strong here!

So grateful for this now. SO grateful to have energy. So grateful to have time to myself. So grateful to be installing new beliefs. So grateful to know thoughts create. So grateful to have Kelly to critique my designs. So grateful for hot showers and cool rain. So grateful for worksheets and fresh ideas. So grateful for this now!

My vision
I see myself being silly and fun and playful. I see myself doing my best work. I see myself going with the flow. I see myself creating worksheets and articles and art and writing. I see myself as a prolific magician and life designer. I see myself revered for my adventures in thought direction. I see myself finding more and more ways to make directing thought easier. I see myself working on my site and making it a million times better than it is. I see myself backing up my sites today! I see myself in the flow. I see myself asking the flow between each segment, where is the flow leading me? I see myself with organized thoughts, a blissful, loving and confident attitude, and looking and feeling my best. I see myself breaking through to new levels of consciousness. I see myself dismantling limiting beliefs about food and sleep. Next comes limiting beliefs about gravity!

I see myself being kind and generous. I see myself giving love to everyone I interact with. I see myself smiling genuinely and making connection through eye contact. I see myself writing my best article yet! I see myself making my best art yet! I see myself attracting my best ideas yet! I see myself in the best mood yet! I see myself having the best day of my life. I see myself in the flow and in the know.

I see myself communicating a knowing of oneness. Oneness is the same as flow, or god or source. Oneness is the feeling of connection when you love someone. Oneness is the thrill of doing routines in sync in a group fitness situation. Oneness is meditation. Oneness is knowing I am my experience. My experience includes everything - the environment, the people, the information, the feelings, the thoughts, the concept of time. I am my experience. Oneness means flow because flow is what connects us all together. We are all existing in the flow, we are all part of the flow of life. We are all part of god. If god is everything, and we are part of god, we are made of the same thing as god and therefore are god. As individuals we have the illusion of duality - that we are separate from that which we came. But it is just an illusion, that we can peak through with entheogens or music or art or meditation or anything else that gives us a feeling of love and connection to the world.

I see myself communicating a knowing of magick. Magick is what happens when we create in the flow, in harmony with oneness. Magick is cocreation with source energy. Magick is being a cooperative component to the universe. Magick is knowing one's thoughts create, and then leveraging that knowing to create desired experiences. Magick is working with god. Magick is the concept that when you have a desire, it is created, and then the universe starts shifting your reality to bring you your desire. The magick is in the allowing of the desire to manifest. Magick is knowing you created the manifestation when you birthed the desire. Magick is knowing your thoughts create, and letting the universe to the production.

Article reject! "Magick Is Intimidating"

Magick is what happens when we create in the flow, in harmony with oneness. Magick is cocreation with source energy. Magick is having a desire and allowing the universe to produce it. The desire is the blueprint, and you can't ever stop producing blueprints for the universe to create. That's the whole point of thought - to give the universe something to make. In a state of total oneness there is nothing to make, because it's all already made. Everything exists all at once. But to be human with the power of thought and have the illusion of time and space creates new possibilities (even if they are just temporary illusions) for the universe.

Magick is knowing that we are just here for fun, because we are just god playing a game with himself. We are all god. We are all one. When I look at you, it's the same as looking at myself. The magick is choosing to have fun with the illusion. Learning how to work with the illusion, how to play with it, how to get it to do what we want. Magick is choosing to use the power we asked for before we were born.

Magick can be intimidating, because many of us grew up believing we were powerless, or insignificant, or that you have to work very, very hard to accomplish anything in this cruel, harsh world. Many of us grew up believing life is supposed to be hard, and that the only relief comes at death, and only if we've been good. Many of us grew up believing life was a simple mystery explained by evolution and random chance. One day you're alive, the next day you're dead. End of story.

Many of us grew up caring about what other people thought. Many of us were taught that it was very important to care about other people's thoughts. Many of us grew up afraid of what other people think. Many of us grew up hating ourselves, because we didn't quite fit in with the rest of society.

Some of us suffered from being outcast from society. Some of us suffered from being stifled by society. Some of us suffered because we had nothing better to do and we didn't know we had a choice. And now, many of us have had enough suffering. So we look for the answers beyond religion and wealth.

When we've hit rock bottom, we start thinking about how to get back out. And when we find that we do have power to lift ourselves out of suffering, the truth begins pouring in. Little steps up from the bottom feel like enormous relief, and very quickly hope enters. We begin to know our power. We begin to know we are much stronger than we think. We surprise ourselves with our resilience and ability to keep it together. We breathe in fresh life.

After we've tasted our power, after we've had enough suffering, and after seemingly trying everything else, we are able to remember the magick of life. We knew it when we were children, before society programmed our thoughts away from it. After enough suffering, we say "Fuck it! What do I have to lose?" and stop caring so much about what other people think. Immediately, our own guidance systems step in. Once we stop caring about what other people think so much, we can start hearing our own thoughts.

When we become aware of our thoughts, we obtain the power to change them. And when we begin deliberately choosing the thoughts we think, we start seeing the evidence of our true power: our thoughts create.

Our minds are reality factories. Whatever we think is what determines our reality. And that is why magick is intimidating, because what if I can't control my thoughts? It's like being given the most powerful machine in the world - what if I mess up and ruin my life?

  1. You can never ruin your life. Your value to the universe is that you are having a unique experience which expands the universe in unique ways. There are no good lives or bad lives, only life.
  2. Negative thoughts have very little power to create. If you have a thought and get scared it may manifest, relax and know that your positive thoughts have so much more power.
  3. Once you start practicing choosing thoughts you like to think, you'll see those thoughts reflected in your reality. You'll "prove" to yourself your thoughts create. And once you've witnessed your power, you won't be able to go back. Intimidating or not, consciously creating your reality (magick!) is too much fun to live any other way.
  4. This thing we are all a part of - life, or god, or source - is GOOD. The most powerful thoughts are thoughts of love, because the emotion of love indicates your connection to god. We connect to god through love. At our most powerful, we are our most loving. And where there is love, there is no fear.

Magick is fun and all, but the true reward for practicing is existing in a state of love. Often, people get into law of attraction and spirituality because they want something like health or money or a relationship (I wanted to lose weight and get paid doing what I love). The promise of receiving the manifestation is enough to hook them. But what practicing this power teaches us is that we don't need any manifestation to feel better. We can choose to feel the love that connects us god right now. And in that love lies all the magick in the world.

How am I expanding?
I want to see Michael and Taya and Joy and Josh and Kerri and James. I want to make a smoothie! I want to make significant progress on my illustration today. I want to write an article. I want to look and feel my best.

I am fearless in creation, fearless in conversation, fearless in new situations. I am in the flow.

What I eat has nothing to do with what I weigh. I'm getting skinnier every day! I love being in the vortex. I need way less sleep in the vortex! I send a clear, strong signal of confidence and love. I communicate a knowing of oneness and magick.

What do I want to create?
best mood of life.

So grateful for a new illustration style. SO grateful for Kelly's critique. So grateful for her print design foresight. So grateful for something new. So grateful to feel like fresh life is being breathed into me! So grateful for this excitement I feel when I look at this piece! SO grateful I am making the best work of my life! So grateful for the flow! So grateful I can direct my thoughts at all times! SO grateful for my friends! So grateful for synchronicity!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.