Magick over comfort

Magick over comfort

So grateful I can make the decision I want. So grateful I care about how I feel. So grateful to have experience to guide me. So grateful for my intuition. So grateful to make decisions in flow. So grateful I can want to want something, and it always works. So grateful for major manifestations left and right. So grateful to be down to stay in the flow. So grateful I finally see that it's a choice to get out every single time. I always have the power to be in or out.

So grateful for my kitties and my wife and fun nights with friends. So grateful for all the different people I got to see today. So grateful I can choose to stay magickal. So grateful for MAJOR MANIFESTATIONS ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

So grateful I choose magick over comfort. Magick over comfort. Magick over comfort.

The flow always knows, you just have to feel for it. You can ask it a question, or ask which way to go. If you feel for it, you always get an answer. You'll hear it in a thought, or you'll find yourself doing something you didn't expect to. Surprising yourself. The flow will tell you whatever you want to know, because the flow knows everything, because the flow is everything.

SOmetimes the flow tells you something you don't necessarily want to hear, but that tends to happen when you're not focused, or being a lazy thinker.

The flow always knows, and when you listen to the flow, it leads you to major manifestations. You may hold yourself out of the flow for a long time, and over time you'll realize it was just limiting beliefs that kept you in a vibrational holding pattern.

One day, your limiting belief on a subject will be gone, because you'll become conscious of a thought pattern. Once you're conscious of the thought patterns that determine your reality, it becomes easier to address them.

I know I still think certain ways on certain topics. I know that it is my choice to think that way. I know that it is not necessary to dismantle limiting beliefs, but only be aware of them. I can always choose new thoughts that have nothing to do with the limiting belief thought patterns. Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to realizing that not only are you creating your reality via thought, but that what you think is completely up to you.

What do I have?
I'm so grateful for my health and my focus and my flow and my friends. I'm so grateful for creative inspiration and solutions coming from everywhere. I'm so grateful I got to test out my winter coat. I'm so grateful I have a winter coat. I'm so grateful to choose magick over comfort. Magick over comfort. Magick over comfort.


What do I want?
Magick. New tricks. More being in the now. Major manifestations.

Blissful sleep, lucid dreams, and waking refreshed and energized at 7am.

What do I want to feel?
Flow. Relief. Excitement.

Note: the following was written first in a Text Edit window, to see what vibrational progress I could make privately. It helps me be more real with what I'm writing. I'm super inspired to go deeper into this concept. Write privately first, which makes quick vibrational progress. Then after the progress up the scale has been made, I can post the process of working up, when I don't feel awkward and vulnerable. Lol! Public thought direction at its finest, like a new public service I provide. Weird. This is the public service I can provide: broadcasting my thoughts. Weeeeeeird.

I love the feeling of being in control. I love the feeling of the flow telling me not to eat. I love the feeling of asking, "I want to not want to eat." I love that it works. I love that I'm still such a baby about food. I love that I'm getting better all the time and the flow diet really works. I love that I feel so focused and content. I love knowing that I don't really like to drink. I love that I felt drunk tonight, because I was having fun laughing with friends. I love that I asked for laughter and fun all day, and then it came pouring into my life.

I love that writing in a text edit window gives me so much freedom to write whatever I want. I love that I can publish this if I want to. I love that I'm learning how to address resistance in new ways, every day.

I love when I've moved past the feeling of hunger into that coasting high feeling... the euphoria of not eating for a long time. I LOVE THAT FEELING. I love that feeling of my body feeling good to me. I love the feeling of getting more lean. I love the feeling of going with the flow and getting what I want. I love that when I go with the flow, I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT. I love that this week I learned so much about going with the flow, like when you're too tired to go with the flow you have to sleep! I love that I learned that when I ask the flow if I should eat and it says no, I should listen. I love that I can always trust the flow.

I love that I'm choosing magick over comfort. I love that I'm choosing to feel good with thought instead of food. I love that I'm milking this feeling of power. I love that even if I have to do it privately, directing my thoughts about food is really important. I love that I have a new thing to do. I love that writing privately is ok. I love that I am dealing with this ho. I love thinking myself into alignment. I love listening to the flow. I fucking love the flow.

I love that the flow always knows, and that I can always feel the flow. I love that I'm always in control of what I think and feel. I love having freedom to think whatever I want.

I love that it's October. I love Nicki Minaj. I love that I got to see Betty tonight. I love talking to Betty. I love this feeling.

This feeling feels like overcoming resistance. This feeling feels like relief. This feeling feels like power. It feels like flow. It feels like I have my shit together. It feels like focus. It feels like flying. It feels like loving myself. It feels like being in control. It feels like relief because I got here by feeling the flow. I'm always proving to myself all day every day that the flow always knows.

What do I have?
Health. Fitness. Attractiveness. Perfect smile. Perfect voice. Ability to conquer anything in person. Hmm...

What do I want?
Flow. Magick. Constant flow of magick. And creation.
Magicians handbook.
Thoughts create poster.
A date.
More advanced lifestreaming.

What do I want to feel?
Flow, confidence, magick, inspiration.

I'm already here.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.