yes. progress.

yes. progress.

So grateful for this now. SO grateful I can think, feel and do whatever I want. So grateful I know that I DO have complete control over my reality.

So grateful I know when things aren't a match. So grateful I know when the flow is leading me other places. So grateful to remember all I have to do is listen to the flow. So grateful to remember to feel my body from the inside.

So grateful to have the night to myself. SO grateful to be home in my home in my home in my home.

So grateful for new adventures and new levels. So grateful to remember that I am taking my magick to a new level.

So grateful to remember I really shouldn't care about what anyone else thinks.

Life isn’t serious. It’s supposed to be fun.
I love you.
Thoughts create. Think about what you want.
Feelings attract those thoughts that create. Practice feeling how you want.
Be in the Now, feel the flow and let’s play!

Like life itself in my hands, and I don’t have to DO anything.

I already won the lottery. I'm already perfect. I'm already doing everything right. I'm a magician - my thoughts create! What more could I ask for?

What do I want?
Flow. Creating in flow. Constant stream of inspiration. Focus. Constant stream of creation.

I know the answer is usually right in front of you - is this site my answer? I suppose that's exactly what I'm already doing...

Ok so here we go. I already have life itself in my hands. I already have the power in my hands. I already have that thing no one can totally explain. That mesmerizing thing. It's already in my hands.

My lifestream is my little volleyball, isn't it. You don't say.

Time to breathe breath into this ho.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.