what I have, what I want, what I want to feel

what I have, what I want, what I want…

What I have
time. flow. patience. love. food. home. kitties. power. contrast. focus. diet mountain dew. health. relief. the now. life.

What I want
project brief.
memetic image of light and play and love and fun.

What I want to feel
flow. knowing. magick. playfulness.

What I Have.
Flow. Evidence of magick. Contrast. Focus.

WHat I want
A project I love. Something to say. Flow to ride. To create in flow. An image. An image. An image. An image. with information. A meme. Something new. A memetic consciousness upgrade. To do it within like I know I have to. But what does that mean?

A concept of something that everyone likes like candy
and cute baby/miniature animals
and I carry it in my hand
like I'm so excited and it's just so precious
that I'm not thinking about what anyone else is thinking,
all I can do is appreciate the magick in my hand,
and feel so excited like a whole new level just opened up.

It captures my whole attention, like being a kid and getting to raise baby chicks.
Like a buoy. Like a favorite tv show under a blanket before thanksgiving dinner is ready.
Like a new art project I am compelled to carry around with me.

Like life itself in my hands, and I don't have to DO anything. I don't have to explain it. Maybe answer some questions. I certainly don't have to introduce it. It mesmerizes everyone. Why are baby animals the only thing I can think of?

Everyone likes seeing baby animals, don't they? Especially miniature ones.

ISN'T IT WEIRD? Isn't it weird that I just type my thoughts and then publish them? Isn't it weird I'm alive? Isn't it weird that words are code for vibration?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.