so grateful for new ideas

so grateful for new ideas

I am so grateful for the vibrational progress I made today! So grateful to be inspired to CREATE CREATE CREATE. So grateful Kelly inspired us to write right now. So grateful I know how to "write the flow". So grateful to feel the flow. So grateful to be in the now. So grateful for seed thoughts like "don't be serious!" and "be in the now" and "keep your window open" and "don't resist." Sometimes it takes a command not to do something to make me realize I'm already doing it.

So grateful for the new ideas and experiences I'm attracting. So grateful to be in a situation which is pretty much the best parts of every job I've ever had. So grateful for open windows. SO grateful for pbjs. So grateful to come home to kitties. So grateful for traffic on the highway and blissful drives home talking to my wife.

So grateful apples keep so long. So grateful I haven't been on facebook or checked my email for over 5 hours! So grateful to be spending such a big part of my life on graphic design again. I LOVE GRAPHIC DESIGN.

So grateful for easy, beautiful drives through Austin.
So grateful for peaceful, playful people to work with.
So grateful to remember to be my remembering self.
So grateful to have my grocery list in front of me all the time.
So grateful I constantly look for items to add whether I have it in front of me or not.
So grateful I practiced to be here.
So grateful to remember to take the time to refocus.
So grateful to feel the flow where I am. So grateful I know the flow is always here.

So grateful for a new canvas. So grateful for already made dinner. So grateful for energy to stay focused. So grateful to remember that THIS IS A TRIP, and that NOTHING IS SERIOUS, and that I CAME HERE TO HAVE FUN.

So grateful to be adding another layer onto my reality. So grateful to think about what I want.

Meditation. Magick in graphic design. A place to practice. To fall in love. To be in the Now. To level up. To exchange ideas. To play.

My vision
I see myself working more magick than ever before. I see myself feeling my best. I see myself in perfect health and fitness. I see myself as a leading light. I see myself having the best night of my life. I see myself creating. I see myself practicing a vibration of abundance like never before.

I see myself in the Now. I see myself remembering to play. I see myself as the most powerful woman in the world. I see myself remembering my confidence. I see myself remembering everything to be confident about. I am source energy, and I know that. I am perfect, and I know that. I'm doing everything right, and I know that. What else is there to be confident about?

I see myself recording our best podcast yet! I see myself writing my most brilliant article yet. I see my writing blossoming into one of my finest skills. I see myself making images that communicate more than my words ever could. I see myself making visual art and information that says instantly what I want to say.

Life isn't serious. It's supposed to be fun.
I love you.
Thoughts create. Think about what you want.
Feelings attract those thoughts that create. Practice feeling how you want.
Be in the Now, feel the flow and let's play!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.