[gathering momentum]

[gathering momentum]

I am so grateful to be awake and alive! I am so grateful I cooked dinner for tonight already! So grateful I made salsa and tater wangs! So grateful to have time to cook! So grateful I slept a full 8 hours! So grateful for Pwny being so cute! So grateful for my cute new notebook! So grateful for Rave Cave business cards! So grateful to be creating a new pattern language! So grateful I know how to cook! So grateful Kelly helped me cook! So grateful we made pbjs for lunch! SO grateful we get to go to CLASS today! So grateful my life is so full and fuN! So grateful to be busY! So grateful for time moving faster! So grateful for new expansions and ideas and opportunities and thoughts! So grateful for Kelly! So gratefuL i get to work with my wife! So grateful for our podcast and my site and Rave Cave! So grateful for all our Internet projects! So grateful I know what I'm doing! So grateful to always be attracting new ideas!

So grateful I spent time doing imagemaking last night. So grateful I finally remembered how to make art - enjoy the process! So grateful I am no longer focused on the end result. So grateful to know how to make art again. Do it for the process - you have to enjoy all the parts like cutting shit out. So grateful to know how to make art. So grateful I spend most of my days meditating in one way or another. Meditation, writing, design, imagemaking, exercise. It's all the same thing. So grateful I feel good. So grateful for my fun life. SO grateful for new ideas and adventures.

So grateful for my universal grocery list. So grateful for my new notebook. So grateful for my computer. So grateful for my Wacom. So grateful for new markers for Kelly! So grateful to spend so much time making art. So grateful I got to play AJ last night. So grateful for AJ! SO grateful to be attracting new ideas. So grateful for my health. SO grateful for time to write. So grateful everything is speeding up. So grateful dinner is already made. So grateful for 3 tups of salsa! So grateful for easy recipes. So grateful for our oven. So grateful for our apartment. So grateful our rent and bills are paid. So grateful for my phone. SO grateful for this now. So grateful my window is open.

My vision
I see myself pausing to ask "what do I want?" frequently. I see myself allowing the flow to come through my fingers. I see myself flowing with other people. I see myself laughing and having fun. I see myself in control of my vibration. I see myself attracting new ideas and projects. I see myself in the flow. I see myself with ribbon arms. I see myself confident and relaxed.

I see myself writing, making, designing, creating, at all times. I see myself inspired. I see myself laughing and smiling. I see myself living real time. I see myself in the flow.

I see myself in love. I see myself inspired. I see myself taking new ideas from everything I see.

Wouldn't it be nice to use time at work to my advantage? Wouldn't it be nice to take inspiration from everything I look at? Wouldn't it be nice to remember I am my experience? Wouldn't it be nice to attract more product and project ideas?

How am I expanding?
I am working on a new project. This project can be worked on at any time, in my head. This project is my best work. This project is made from flow. This project is about flow, perfect timing, dreaming, and love. This project is about sharing the feeling of flow. This project is about universal grocery lists (focusing on what I want and what I want more of) and about what I want (what do I want?). This project makes me feel inspired and constantly creative. This project is similar to lifestreaming. This project is about flow, lifestreaming, perfect timing, dreaming, love. This project is about life design. This project is about magick and practicing feelings. This project is about flow.

Flow, perfect timing, lifestreaming, dreaming, magick, love. I'm so inspired!

What I want to feel today

  • Flow. Everything on beat. Synchronicity. Perfect timing. Astrojax! Turbo!
  • Inner body awareness. Ribbon arms. Flow arms.
  • Creative inspiration. Make art to make art!
  • Confidence. I'm the best. I'm a magician. I know exactly what I'm doing.
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.