I’m the best bitch doin it [gathering momentum]

I’m the best bitch doin it [gathering momentum]

I am so grateful I've already filled out an entire universal grocery list plus some, and it's only 3:15p! i am so grateful for a fridge full of food! I am so grateful the rent and bills are paid! I am so grateful to have plenty of money and even more incoming! So grateful for NICKI MINAJ!!!!! So grateful for Body Pump! So grateful I get to work out so much! So grateful for the abundance of time I have! So grateful for the abundance of LOVE I have! So grateful I'm learning how to trust my body. So grateful I can run again. So grateful for my health. So grateful to be smiling. So grateful to feel so good. So grateful to keep the flow GOING! So grateful to be getting better and better at staying in the flow every single day. So grateful to be attracting incredible information and experiences. So grateful to have money to give gifts. So grateful to have so many wonderful friends in Austin. So grateful for major manifestations all day EVERY DAY! So grateful for Kelly. So grateful to her for inspiring me constantly. She teaches me so much.

So grateful we meditate every single day for at least 15 minutes. So grateful we take occasional breaks to notice how huge an impact meditation has. So grateful to see indicators all around me. So grateful it's in the 80s! So grateful for our new table and chairs! So grateful for patio furniture!

So grateful to feel like I'm the best version of myself. So grateful that everything I do, I do in the flow. So grateful for coffee and subscription payments and Clips 4 Sale payouts. So grateful to be working on new magick tricks! So grateful for resistance free desires. So grateful for donations from wonderful people! So grateful for Kelly's massages. So grateful for the concept of practicing a feeling.

So grateful for facebook likes. So grateful for bountiful comments on my site! So grateful to be part of a conversation. So grateful for people in the school of life design forum. So grateful for new users! So grateful for our podcast! So grateful it's been so in the flow! So grateful we tried to record today and it sucked so we just dropped it! So grateful we can walk away when it's not in the flow!

So grateful to be a facebook entertainer. So grateful to be an irresistible magnet for well being. So grateful for my Internet circus. So grateful we bought ravecave.us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So grateful our AJ store will be up this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So grateful for the demand to do so!!!!!!!!!!

So grateful for a new project. So grateful for a schedule. So grateful for structure. So grateful for blooming relationships. So grateful THE RENT AND BILLS ARE PAID! So grateful for new opportunities to practice magick. So grateful for a diverse portfolio of income streams. So grateful to be a magician!!!

So grateful people are opening up to us. So grateful to be loving more people more. So grateful I write at night now. So grateful I keep the focus going until bed! So grateful I go to bed excited every night and wake up excited every morning! So grateful I CHOSE THIS! SO GRATEFUL THIS IS MY LIFE!!!! I CHOSE THIS SHIT! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

SO grateful for the perfect food and for the chores being done and for having PLENTY OF MONEY, ALWAYS! So grateful for our amazing podcast which pushes us to be in the flow harder than ever. So grateful to have finished the test early.

So grateful to have a practiced vibration of love and confidence. That rules. So grateful for perfect timing. So grateful for the JAMS!! So grateful for funny shit on the internet. So grateful I know Internet should be capitalized. So grateful for kind and funny people working at stores and restaurants. So grateful to make friends everywhere I go. So grateful writing is SO INVIGORATING!

So grateful for inspiration from the universe. So grateful to follow the flow. So grateful for a nap in my future. So grateful for flexibility. So grateful I get to do whatever I want whenever I want. So grateful to be working on so many fun projects!!!!!! So grateful to be an Astrojax vendor!!!!!!!!!

So grateful magick/life design is so related to graphic design. Your thoughts are your Indesign files. Reality is your 4d printer. Make a change to your file and watch that shit print!

SO GRATEFUL for the power of ritual. So grateful for delicious vegan food. So grateful to be finding more vegan entrees. So grateful for success with magick tricks. So grateful trick #2 & 3 are in the queue! So grateful for jackpots everywhere I look. So grateful I'm getting better at changing my beliefs about physical reality. So grateful it's getting easier to convince myself of whatever I want to believe, and then I SEE EVIDENCE. It's the trippiest shit I could ever imagine. AND IT'S SO FUN!

So grateful to be in the flow, so grateful it's arranging itself around me, so grateful to be so practiced! So grateful I don't care about anything. So grateful I have released so much resistance. So grateful to be alive. So grateful for this chance to create. WOW LIFE IS FUN!

So grateful proximity is just a concept. So grateful for reminders to PAY ATTENTION. So grateful everything is a solution.

As you use your emotions to guide you to the flow, you develop an actual sense of the flow. Your emotions are like signposts pointing to the flow. You don't have to look at street signs when you're already where you want to be.

My vision
I see myself as the top of my field. I see myself as the best magician in the world. I see myself as the best Astrojax player in the world. I see myself as the best designer in the world. I see myself as the best! I see myself confident as hell. I see myself being kind and generous and loving. I see myself succeeding at everything I try. I see myself developing my skills so much further. I see myself having endless, glorious opportunities rolling to my door. I see myself receiving checks in the maiL! I see myself like I'm in the coolest movie ever written. I see myself as the most attractive person I know. I see myself caught up with my expanded self. I see myself as the best self I can be.

I see myself walking to the mailbox with Kelly, opening the mailbox to find an envelope inside. I see myself opening the envelope and finding a legit check made out to me with the amount of $1000 on it. I see myself feeling like "but of course, I practiced this." I see myself saying "I WANTED THIS! I created this! I made this happen!" I see myself feeling so much relief. I see myself crying from the relief. I see myself so freaking happy. I see myself remembering that I am cared for, that life supports me if I let it. I see myself looking around in wonder, knowing that if I fainted in that moment, something would brace my fall. I see myself with a huge smile on my face, laughing and skipping and relishing the autumn air. I see myself basking in my incredible magick. I see myself laughing my ass off. I see myself giving some of the money away. I see myself flying. I see how it is all possible. You just have to get yourself used to it, you just have to start believing it and keep at it. Soon I will be literally flying. I promise. This is just a dream.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel super energized when I'm done writing and go and do things like fix my bike and drop off that check and that library book and get some groceries and have a drink?! Wouldn't it be nice to drive around listening to the jams, appreciating the fall air? Wouldn't it be nice to relax on the patio later? Wouldn't it be nice to get the rave cave site up tonight? Wouldn't it be nice to have the best night of my life? Wouldn't it be nice to write a lot today? Wouldn't it be nice to publish those 2 magick tricks soon? Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect dinner?

How am I expanding?
I send a clear, strong signal of love and confidence.

What do I want to create?
A magician's handbook that has 20 magick tricks, universal grocery lists, "What do I want" worksheets, and other delicious delicacies.

Where do I want to create it?
Effortlessly in the flow.

With whom do I want to create it?
Kelly! And the universe!

Why do I want to create it?
To organize my thoughts and have those thoughts keep thinking and teach me more. To process, synthesize and expand my ideas. To share how fun life can be. To have a fun design project to work on.

What or who do I want to be?

Why do I want to be that?
To lead. To shine. To uplift. To inspire. To fly.

Where do I want to be?
Napping in a field of grass at UIUC.

Why do I want to be there?
The weather, the grass free from monsters, the clouds, the feel of the air, the familiarity. Relief.

What do I want to do?
Fix my bike! Check all these bits off my list! Finish the laundry! Dye my hair! Make magick pellets! File my tax paperwork!

Where do I want to do it?
in my head

With whom do I want to do it?

Why do I want to do it?
to feel ordered and organized and together and fresh and refreshed. To feel even more on top of my game. To PWN MY LIFE, basically.

What do I want for my home?

Why do I want that for my home?
To make the mundane MAGNIFICENT.

What do I want for my body?

Why do I want that for my body?
To feel and look my best.

What objects would I like to own?
a keyboard for my phone.

Why do I want to own those objects?
So I can type fast on my phone outside and in the bed!

What do I want to do for fun?
Hang out with my bro at the tramp park.

How do I want to feel about my body?
The hum. Euphoric.

How do I want to feel about my finances?

How do I want to feel about my relationships?

How do I want to feel about my work?

How do I want to feel about my thoughts?

How do I want to feel about my life?

What do I want to touch?

What do I want to smell?

What do I want to taste?

What do I want to hear?

What do I want to see?
the flow

What do I want to think?
Everything is unfolding perfectly.

Why do I want to think that?
Because it's true.

What I want to feel today

  • My body from within. Euphoric delicacy. POWER. Humming. The divine pulse propelling me. The flow. Everything I do, I do in the flow.
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.