major manis

major manis

So grateful for the now. So grateful for the concept of life. So grateful for autosaving drafts. So grateful for good music. So grateful to take inspiration from my own site. So grateful for a new gd opportunity! So grateful for all of the major manifestations that come so fast.

So grateful for our podcast! So grateful for a new one!

So grateful I have a podcast. So grateful it's like a tv show. So grateful it's such an awesome record. So grateful to be downloading a backup of our site. So grateful I back up my work. So grateful for this place to write.

So grateful for the flow. So grateful I can choose the flow at any time. So grateful thinking about that is such an easy way into the flow. So grateful we meditated today. So grateful we went grocery shopping, and had plenty of money to buy whatever we want. So grateful to be working with new people!!!!! So grateful for a new adventure.

So grateful to get to be around wonderful people all day every day. So grateful for perfect friends and family. So grateful for flowing relationships. So grateful for this gorgeous fall night. So grateful it's almost OCTOBER!@!!!!

So grateful for the abundance flowing in my life. So grateful I always have plenty. So grateful everything is working out with me. So grateful for my risk taking abilities. So grateful I am bold and fearless. SO grateful I chose a vibration to practice and pwned it. It works, it truly does. You just have to talk yourself mind into it.

I love that this is my work. I love that applying philosophy to my life experience and documenting it is just what I do. I love focusing on feeling good. I love that it works. I love that everything is working out for me. I love that the more I believe it, the more it's true. Imagine a crazy person. If they felt crazy, wouldn't you think they were crazy, at least a little bit? I feel like everything is working out for me, and it does. And I see it all the time, in patterns and details and gifts from the universe. The manifestations we see in a day are incredible!

So grateful for major manifestations. So grateful to get better and better at making vibrational progress. So grateful it feels exponential in growth. So grateful for the speed of the flow. So grateful for my confidence. So grateful to be paying attention. So grateful for a NEW SCHEDULE holy cow that is going to open up so much time!

So grateful I'm having so much fun. So grateful the chik fil a has bomb ass waffle fries and dip&sqz ketchup. Wow that is so amazing. What innovation in fast food tech. Do you love it?

So grateful for astrojax. So grateful I'm willing to explore new ideas. So grateful to be going in my very own direction. So grateful I know exactly what I'm doing> So grateul to be one with my experience. So grateful to be learning how to type while being one with my experience. So grateful to be learning how to flow in every moment. So grateful to remember feelings I haven't felt since last january! So grateful for the playfulness of the universe. So grateful writing works every single time!

So grateful for the delicious peaceful feeling in my body. So grateful for the feeling of a massive amount of flowing being and doing. So grateful I can feel the flow going through me like a current. So grateful for the concept of electricity. So grateful there are thoughts that know more than me. So grateful for the infinite expansion of the universe. So grateful I remember to be in the now. So grateful it's feeling so weird/new lately. So grateful for the thrumming in my veins. And the idea of feeling my body from the inside. And the idea of breath connecting me to all of reality. It's all one solid mass, and I know what 360 degree sensing must be like. Isn't this so fun? Isn't this so fun to watch the universe play? Isn't it so fun to get to cocreate with the magick of the universe, or god, or whatever you want to call it?

Isn't it fun that meditation is FUN? Haha so grateful meditation has become fun for me. So grateful for my skill at getting in a good mood. So grateful I care about how I feel. So grateful for Abraham. So grateful for my strong abs. So grateful for my health. So grateful for my fitness. So grateful to play. So grateful for new people to play with. So grateful for new opportunities that blow in with the weather. So grateful to be open and not clinging. So grateful to be open. So grateful to be open. So grateful to be open.

I'm here to have fun and flow. I'm here to enjoy the music. I'm here to enjoy the physical experience of being able to sense vibration in so many different ways.

I'm here to ask for what I want, and receive it. I'm here to discern preferences by sifting through contrast. I'm here to expand the universe with my creative power. I'm here to feel good. I'm here to have fun!

You'll always be taken care of. You;ll always be able to control your vibration, no matter what happens. It's the ultimate control.

It feels like waking up in a lucid dream, waking up in the now. You learn ways to stay lucid for longer. Little tricks, like feeling your body from the inside. Eventually you'll have the knowing at all times.

I love seeing people at the top of their field do their best work. I love seeing people about to become the top of their field. I love bosses. I love it when people know how to get what they want. I love it when people don't care about what other people think. I love it when Kelly does the laundry. I love it that I write so much every day. I love it that pop lyrics have so much depth.

I love the incredible indicators that show up everywhere. I love remembering that "as soon as you stop wanting something, you get it." I love asking for ways to not care about getting what I want. It's such an easy back door.

So grateful for the power to direct thought. So grateful for such a creative power. So grateful to be a unique point of experience. So grateful to feel like an individual and one all at once. So grateful to be ready for the next level. So grateful to be stepping up my courage. So grateful to be doing more. So grateful to have new opportunities to apply my magick. So grateful for all the time in the world to write and direct thought. So grateful it's such a powerful tool. So grateful I have something works for me so well. And for other people too!

So grateful I keep up with my thought direction practice. So grateful to feel ordered and at ease. So grateful to always be looking for the flow. SO grateful thinking about the flow makes me feel excited. It gets me out of bed in the morning, it's like having your best friend to play with in every moment. If you feel for the flow, you'll feel it. And once you start going with it, LIFE GETS SO FUN. Who knew all those cliches were true...

So grateful I took the time to prove it to myself. So grateful I dedicated myself to following my heart. So grateful everything already worked out for me.

So grateful to remember feelings I want more of. So grateful for SO MANY delicious feelings to feel.
Like the smell of pencil boxes.
And the feeling of everything in my reality telling me "congratulations!"
ANd the feeling of everything "getting it" just as much as me, and reflecting my knowing back to me.
And the feeling of confidence, of knowing I'm going the right way because I'm going MY way.
And the feeling of being the best, of being caught up with my higher self. The feeling of being in the flow and trusting and loving it.

And the feeling of being one with my environment. And the feeling of keeping my focus at night, the power and mystery that is waiting for me there.
And the feeling of being the best, the best at taking my own path. I am the best at being me. Does that explain it? It used to suck to be me, now it's the best. It's all just words. Who cares?

ANd the feeling of not caring, because I know wherever life takes me will be incredible. Because the now is incredible. And the longer I keep that feeling, the more incredible now moments I attract.

It's so worth it to keep my focus at night by writing. It wakes me UP! There is flow everywhere, always, forever.

SO grateful for inspiration. So grateful for adventure. So grateful for new chapters. So grateful for new stories. So grateful for ac. SO grateful it's fall. So grateful for fun days. So grateful to be doing EXACTLY WHAT I WANT ALL DAY EVERY DAY OMG THIS RULEZZZZ.

So grateful to write and write and write and have still more time to write. So grateful I can always keep my focus through writing. SO grateful I notice a draft being saved at 1:11.

So grateful for constant synchronicity.
So grateful for opportunities to zoom out and flow in new ways.
So grateful for fresh puzzles.
So grateful to be better at playing puzzles.
So grateful for stacks of cash.
So grateful for infinite Astrojax.
So grateful for my phone.
So grateful for the power of thought.

So grateful for an open space for a new magick trick. So grateful to be letting it come to me. I love this! I love letting it all come to me! I love this I love it I love it...

So grateful for indicators everywhere I look. So grateful for a good attitude. So grateful idgaf. So grateful to be getting better and better and better at sensing the flow.

What do I want to create?
a new magick trick

Where do I want to create it?
in the flow

With whom do I want to create it?
cooperative components

Why do I want to create it?
fun! to practice.

What or who do I want to be?
in the flow

Why do I want to be that?
because it feels good and it's fun and it leads me to the best experiences...

Where do I want to be?
in the now

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.