Do you love it?

Do you love it?

The flow is so obvious. I'm so grateful I am remembering to choose the flow more and more often in the now. There are so many moments of opportunity, haha! Every thought is such an opportunity for such crazy progress! Everything is working out for me, I feel like I have exponentially better control of my thoughts every day, and all it takes is practice! It's so simple!

So grateful for inspiration. So grateful for dates at whole foods. So grateful I have plenty of money to buy food. So grateful I always have enough. So grateful I've always had enough.

So grateful I have a more pinpoint focus now. So grateful for my power. So grateful for lucid dreams about magnifying glasses. So grateful for alternative methods to lucid dreaming. I did this!!: "The key to these techniques is recognizing the hypnagogic stage, which is in between being awake and being asleep." I finally get what the eff that means now! Large amounts of caffeine really help. And ALSO, I went to sleep in flow! Thinking about flow... I laid down in true flow, like it was the next logical step... I was feeling so good and every step was so "but of course!" and I was having so much fun just thinking about/experiencing the flow I was in. I wasn't really thinking about the flow, it was like my mind latched onto the flow and didn't have to work anymore. There wasn't any work. My mind was creating with the flow. One with the flow.

Dude sometimes this shit is so deep it makes my eyeballs roll back in my head. In that good kind of way, right?!

So grateful for the power of writing. So grateful I know what I'm doing. So grateful I get it. So grateful for the relief I feel at being able to call myself a magician when introducing myself. Yeah, but real magick. Hahahaha. It's the best. It's the closest thing I've been able to find to describe what I do. Life design? Pffft what does that even mean. This is magick, plain and simple. ANd it is so fun and really explains a lot don't you think?

So grateful to be taking my site less seriously. Lighten up Francis! Be the light. I am the light. It's so easy, it's just a choice.

The only reason you want anything is because of the way you think it will make you feel. You can just have the feeling now. Allow yourself to feel it now, tell your mind to stfu. I don't care if I don't have a reason to feel it. I still get to feel it, because I can. I came here to feel that. And all the feeling is is flow... the love behind it all... the lifeforce, the magick, the god, the source. We just forget what we knew for a few thousand years or whatever. Or I did. Or your mom did!

So grateful for my magickal record. So grateful the entire point of lifestreaming is finding thoughts that feel good. And doing it publicly, oh my. So grateful I can choose to think whatever I want. So grateful I can choose to feel good no matter what. So grateful I can choose to be the best and I am. It's so simple. It's all just thoughts. So simple.

So grateful I'm becoming more aware of my visual thoughts. So grateful to be choosing the flow more and more. So grateful for events in the flow. So grateful to intend in the flow. So grateful for my health. So grateful I get to think and do and feel whatever I WANT. Regardless of manifestation. Regardless of ANYTHING.

I feel my body from the inside. It puts me instantly in the flow. In the flow it becomes very easy to choose the thoughts that feel good. In the flow life is scene-to-scene. In the flow there is perfect conversation and perfect silence. In the flow I'm just aware of the perfection, instead of living in the future or past, illusions. There is only now.

The flow is so strong we don't have to try. We don't have to EFFORT into the flow. The flow surrounds us. The flow IS us!

So grateful I am getting better at sensing the flow. So grateful I've decided that there will be
I'm a magician!

Can't we all just breathe a sigh of relief knowing that?! The label is like food for my unicorn mind. Nom nom, keep quiet for a little while. Latch onto that flow. You're tame now, remember?

Isn't that weird?

SO grateful for flexibility. So grateful for the change that surrounds me constantly. So grateful to be ready for the change. So grateful it's speeding up. So grateful for the jams. So grateful for all my little school supply volleyballs. So grateful I can at least always make myself laugh. So grateful I can choose the mario pipe of least resistance.

So grateful I am becoming more aware of my thoughts. So grateful I am being more deliberate in selecting my thoughts. So grateful I can see immediate reflections in my physical reality. So grateful for this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So grateful this is my work. Isn't that weird? What, I'm a magician. We all are.

So grateful for a lucid dream! Major manifestation! So grateful to feel the flow influencing my decisions more and more and more and more and more. It's SO FUN.

So grateful to realize that I have to be present if I ever want to enjoy anything. Major manifestations come all day every day, but if I'm focused on something I want but don't have yet, I'm not enjoying the major manifestation! And if nothing else, you always have the major manifestation of BEING ALIVE to focus on!

So grateful I fill out a universal grocery list every day. So grateful it gets easier every day. So grateful I finally started noticing the point at which I let my focus go - when I finish a worksheet! How silly is that. So now I do two worksheets. I keep my focus until I go to sleep in flow.

So grateful we can all live in flow together. So grateful I am choosing focus. Where the flow at? So grateful it's up to me how I feel.

So grateful this is my work. Exponential progress every day. This is what I do. I direct my thoughts. I choose to feel good. I practice feelings.

Isn't that weird?

So grateful to take a break from my usual format. So grateful for the different tentacles of magick I do, and I'm so grateful I finally realize not everything has to be online. It's all online in the subtle energy anyway.

So grateful for the concept of subtle energy! It's the flow! Everyone already knows all this! You know this! You live this every day!

So grateful for the perfect dinner. So grateful for the perfect flow. So grateful to know how to choose the flow. So grateful to feel the flow longer and longer. SO grateful to be developing my sense for it! It's DEEEEEEEEEP YALLLL.

So grateful I can always go deeper. So grateful I get to go as deep as I want. So grateful there is infinite depth. Isn't that weird?

I am so grateful for thought prompts. I am so grateful for infinite resources. I am so grateful for lucid dreams. I am so grateful for my computer and Internet. I am so grateful for my education. I am so grateful I know my power. I am so grateful I am getting better at sensing/being in flow every day, every moment. So grateful the weather is changing. So grateful for a storm! During body pump! Hot!

So grateful for laughter all day every day. So grateful I laugh more now than ever before. So grateful focus is so powerful. So grateful I can just choose flow now and know it will all unfold perfectly.

So grateful for Astrojax.
So grateful for a shuffled deck.
So grateful for people to play with.
So grateful I can feel my body from within and that concept actually means something to me.
So grateful I go hard and ask for what I want.
So grateful I have a focus to quiet my mind about what I'm doing. I'm a magician, stfu!
So grateful I've always believed in magick. So grateful to finally realize it's what I always wanted, of course I would be here.
So grateful I have the magick wand I've always wanted - my mind! HOW FREAKIN WEIRD.
So grateful for Nicki Minaj!
So grateful for the most inspiring group fitness instructor ever!
So grateful for the flow. So grateful I can see it, feel it, type it!
So grateful I don't care about what anyone thinks. So grateful I care about how I feel first. So grateful I get it. So grateful I KNOW!
So grateful for my confidence. So grateful I practiced myself into a vibration of confidence and love. SO grateful that I spend nearly all my time sending a signal of confidence and love.
So grateful for writing as a way to "pass the time". Time is infinite... so whatever feels good is what you should be doing. Why do anything else? Hahah even if it wasn't infinite, why do anything else?

So grateful for Astrojax.
So grateful for incredibly inspiring women who show me the most delicious thought patterns I've ever seen.
So grateful I can write and sift through thoughts until I find the very best feeling thoughts of the moment, thoughts that will propel me into the next scene. It is so exquisite to choose my thoughts like ingredients in a gourmet meal, finding just the perfect thought for the moment. It's so romantic.

So grateful I know everything comes when I stop caring. So grateful I at least know that. So grateful I know I don't have to prove anything to anyone. So grateful I know that I am a magician because it is the only thing that makes sense to me. So grateful I can explain that to myself and know with full confidence I am on the right path.

So grateful everything always works out. So grateful I can think of dozens of major manifestations that I am living right now. Practicing magick. Real magick. Living in the perfect apartment. At the perfect temperature. with the perfect music. Feeling alert and flowing and knowing and at peace.

You can't be afraid and you can't hold onto anything.

You don't want anything but your vortex/the flow. And the vortex/the flow a choice, only a thought or feeling away.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.