So grateful this is my life

So grateful this is my life

Higher. Higher. Higher.
This is a dream, a trip, the Now.
I send a strong, clear signal of love and confidence.
I attract inspiration and beautiful ideas.
I'm in the Now. I'm in the Now. There is only Now.
It comes only as fast as I let it flow.

What do I want? to LIGHTEN UP
What do I want to create? SOMETHING FUNNY/ not serious
for money? magick tricks
for fun? magick wand
for myself? indicators
for someone else? to lead by example.

Who do I want to be? god. the solution. the flow. the best.
What do I want to be? magickal. NOT SERIOUS!
Where do I want to be? in the Now.

What do I want to do? make something awesome and inspiring like lisa frank stationery combined with cool thought direction shit
Where? here
When? now
With who? kelly
How? universe
Why? because I want to freshen up what I'm doing. i want a project. I want to do good work. I want to take it to the next level. I want to create solutions. I want to attract solutions. I want to be the solution.

What do I want to have?
for my home? king sized tempurpedic bed & sheets.
for my body? prada dresses
for fun? heavier astrojax. gymnastics lessons. trampoline adventures.
for my family? less worrying
for my community? more generosity
for the world? meditation

How do I want to feel...
about my body? confident, loving, bold, fearless.
about my finances? balla! fun. confident. bossy.
about my partner? deep infinite burning love, surprise, fun!
about my work? avant garde, confident, relief, bold
about my thoughts/ideas? certainty. knowing. curiosity. clarity. humor.
about my life? flow. love. relief. I am cared for. I go as hard as I can every day. I make it look easy. I know.

What do I want to touch? a massage!
Smell? her sweat
Taste? success
Hear? endless inspiration
See? through the illusion
Think? I'm the best.

Next level.

So grateful for this Now. So grateful for this time to think and write and think myself into alignment.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.