Stop caring if you get it or not and find another way to feel good

Stop caring if you get it or not and…

So grateful for taco dinners! So grateful for a fun night with my wife. So grateful to be chillin outside. So grateful it's nice out at night again!

So grateful to remember what I know. So grateful I know the flow is everything. So grateful to know I can always choose to go with the flow in my next thought. So grateful joy said she can watch our chips when were in vegas!

I want to feel refreshed and energized. I want flow. I want effortlessness. I want ease. I want to allow well being. I want to remember that it is natural to feel good. I want to vibrate at my natural frequency.

I love myself exactly the way I am. I am already perfect. I have already arrived. I say yes to what is. I already have everything I need in this moment. I am so grateful to be in the Now.

My power is in the Now. I don't have to change a thing to get what I want. I already have it all.

Everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive. I love my physical body. I love my strength. I love my endurance. I love my stamina. I love my strong feet. I love that I can run again. I love my colorful hair. I love that I am a natural base. I love my stability. I love my hands. I love my smile. I love my eyes. I love my sculpted shoulders and beautiful biceps. I love my laugh. I love that appreciating my body attracts thoughts that feel good and take me higher. I love that I know everything is a solution.

I love choosing the Now. I love choosing the vortex. I love flowing from scene to scene. I love that I know it's an emotional journey every time. I love the puzzle of life. I love finding ways to release more resistance. I love how choosing to write and direct my thoughts works every time.

I love that I am IT. I love that I am god. I love remembering the formula for getting what I want. Stop caring if you get it or not and find another way to feel good.

I love that everything is an indicator. I love the sound of the guinea hens.

So grateful I've been able to spend more time outside. So grateful for all the major manifestations. So grateful we've been meditating so much. So grateful to be into a new physical activity - acro!

Stop caring if you get it or not & find another way to feel good.

I am god. I have infinite power, time and resources. I am part of everything around me. It's all one big, moving pattern called the flow. We are all part of the flow. We are the flow.

I am blissful and free. I let go.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.