I focus on what is becoming, not what is

I focus on what is becoming, not what is

So grateful to be awake and alive. So grateful for all the wonderful things that happened yesterday. So grateful for all the wonderful things I know will happen today.

So grateful I know to let it come to me. So grateful I can choose ease and flow. So grateful for my health. So grateful for my body. So grateful for my strong muscles. So grateful for my cute clothes. So grateful for the mantra "I love you."

So grateful for so many people taking pictures. So grateful we tried acro yesterday!

So grateful for fresh inspiration. So grateful to be a natural base. So grateful for inspiration to play!

More acro please. More hooping please. More Astrojax please. More friends please. More flow please.

I focus on what is becoming, not what is.
I play with my friends every day.
I am a flowing acro base! My flying is improving every day.
My hooping skills are improving every day. My new thing is meditative hooping.
I play Astrojax at every opportunity.
I meditate every day.
I practice public thought direction many times a day. I'm a lifestreaming life designer, yo!
I play through life. I laugh. I flow. I let go. I take the path of lease resistance. I say yes to what is.
I have a vibration of pure love, maintained by the mantra "I love you."
I have perfect health and look and feel my best. I am in the Now!
I emanate calm knowing. I know that everything is perfect and in its place. I am inspiring and inspired. I am uplifting and uplifted.
I focus on the beautiful details of my life and find more to appreciate every single day.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.