Are You a Life Designer?

Are you a life designer?

Are You a Life Designer?

Are you a life designer?
thank you Megan!

Thoughts create. Once you become aware of that truth and want to take advantage of it, you become a conscious creator. Conscious creation is just a way to describe deliberate thinking.

When you decide to turn conscious creation into something you practice every day, you become a life designer. Life design is all about iteration - it's the practice of communicating your thoughts in some medium, reflecting on them, and revising them to create a better life design (YOU!).

As a life designer, you are both the designer and the design. Thoughts are your medium, your life is the project, and the quality of your work is determined by how good you feel. You were born with a guidance system to let you know how you're doing - your emotions. When you think thoughts that feel good (e.g., thoughts of gratitude, love, appreciation or desire), that is god (or source energy, or the hive mind) telling you you're getting closer to the design you desire. Think of it as a game of "hotter or colder" - the better you feel, the closer your dreams are to becoming reality.

The way you choose to practice life design is the way you choose to direct your thoughts. For example, you can use a journal, a video camera, audio recordings, or blogging. I use my lifestream, which is just a section of this website that I post all of my thought direction exercises to. My lifestream is truly a stream of the life I am creating, because the life I am designing for myself is created by the thoughts I share online. Think of it as a stream of seeds I am planting. Then everyone gets to watch for the manifestations to bloom :D

Not thinking is also an integral part of a life design practice. When you stop thought through meditation, play, or exercise, you experience pure, uninterrupted connection to source energy that recharges your creative batteries.

The more you formally practice life design, the easier it gets to manage the thoughts in your head. The more time you spend deliberately communicating thoughts that make you feel good, the more good feeling thoughts you'll find yourself thinking naturally. The more time you spend feeling good, the more your desires will begin to manifest.

The true blessing of being a life designer is finding that you can feel happy without the manifestations you desire. And when you don't care about the manifestations because you already feel so good because you've been thinking good feeling thoughts, then the manifestations start pouring in! Silly universe.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.