So grateful to remember the power of focus during points of contrast

So grateful to remember the power of focus during…

o hi
So grateful for the power of focus during points of contrast. So grateful for hot showers and spinach smoothies. So grateful for pump on a Thursday! So grateful for indicators right in front of me telling me what to do. So grateful I know that the power of focus and feeling good trumps all drugs and distractions and physical pleasures.

So grateful I can choose how I feel. So grateful I can choose the thoughts I want to be true. So grateful I can choose the vibration I send. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

So grateful it's whatever I want. So grateful for Pandora. So grateful for the flow. So grateful for focus.

So grateful for universal grocery lists and all the ideas I've collected in the past couple weeks, like:

  • Filling out universal grocery lists with friends is a really fun game.
  • Writing/focusing during points of contrast brings the biggest miracles. Contrast is a fulcrum or pivot point to take you higher and higher. High contrast=big wave.
  • Saying "I decided to care about how I feel" instead of going back to bed.
  • Writing/focus is a drug!
  • Saying "big day today" every day works!
  • Gratitude is #1 most important vibration!
  • Being to being communication is more satisfying than mind to mind.
  • Be your remembering self!
  • It's whatever you want. Thoughts create, so think about what you want or nothing at all!
  • Listen to silence between sounds
  • Any time you want something, find a creative way to let go and be happy without it, and then it will come.
  • Finally learning how to enter the podcast flow!!
  • Everything in physical reality is a flow toy.
  • The power of memes/inside jokes/magick tricks! Multiplying quarters, mini jackpots, surplus everything, Steve, "we're together", big day today, perfect timing, Thursday design project. Evidence of the power of focus, of planting seeds, of blowing up tiny details.
  • Play the same whether winning or losing! Don't get emotionally involved!
  • Intending to talk without thinking!
  • The signal you send is what you're communicating and therefore receiving in your life experience. Choose what you send!
  • Are you ready for her to walk in the door?

Things I am appreciating!

  • Astrojax
  • Friends
  • Working out with people I love
  • Scene to scene flow

Today I intend to allow. Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to go with the flow. Today I intend to be myself and do my own thing. I intend to uplift. I intend to be fun and playful and attractive. I intend to talk without thinking.

I want confidence and flow. Play and laughter. Ease and effortlessness.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.