So grateful for new thoughts

So grateful for new thoughts

So grateful for spinach smoothies and espresso for breakfast. So grateful to have time to write and meditate. So grateful Kel and I are both in a good mood. So grateful I know feeling good is a choice. So grateful for the contrast. So grateful for my life experience. So grateful I know thoughts create.

I want to attract new thoughts. I want to be loving an kind and generous. I want ease and flow. I want effortlessness. I want to let it come to me. I want my consciousness to feel ordered. I want more ways to be in the now.

I want freedom and adventure. I want to remember to appreciate my perfect physical body.

Everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive. My thoughts create my life experience. I am god. I am in control of my vibration. I am allowing well being to flow through me. My window is wide open.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.