Higher highs, please!

Higher highs, please!

So grateful to be awake and alive. So grateful for espresso and Cheerios. So grateful to be starting a new list. So grateful for a brand new day full of opportunity. So grateful for Mondays. So grateful for days off from the gym. So grateful I get to stay out late every night. So grateful my life is so fun. So grateful I get to do whatever I want. So grateful everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive. So grateful to find new beliefs to install. So grateful I know what I know so belief installation is super easy.

So grateful to find money in my purse that I forgot about. So grateful for colorful clothes. So grateful I got to dance last night! So grateful I actually feel like going to the store today! So grateful to be writing! So grateful to be choosing to care about how I feel! So grateful to be on the wave! So grateful to be in the flow! So grateful it's nearly autumn! So grateful the weather cooled off! So grateful for surplus everything.

I want flow. I want scene to scene flow. I want vegetables. I want more friends. I want to meet more people who inspire me. I want to have fun. I want to release resistance. I want to be at the start of the biggest wave ever. I want higher highs. I want to introduce more people to AJ. I want ease and flow. I want relief. I want whole foods to be 24 hours. I want to have a picnic. I want to hoop and AJ outside. I want to play. I want to flirt. I want to remember what I know.

Thoughts create. My mood is my work. There is only now. This is the main event. Every moment ever has lead up to this one.

I want to be in the flow. I want life to live me. I want to work towards the greatest good. I want to remember that I am god in human form.

Jessica, I love you exactly the way you are.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.