So grateful for opportunities to iterate

So grateful for opportunities to iterate

So grateful to be home. So grateful to be chillin with my wife. So grateful to write so much today. So grateful for my siblings. So grateful I get everything I ask for. So grateful for potatoes. So grateful for Arnold Palmers.

So grateful everything I eat makes me slimmer and more attractive. So grateful for friends who stay up late! So grateful for new relationships unfolding deliciously. So grateful for new thoughts and experiences. So grateful for new inspiration! So grateful to attract solutions! So grateful to be focused AT ALL TIMES OMG it is so fun.

So grateful this is what I do. So grateful Kelly does it too. So grateful to be excited to fill out my universal grocery list before bed. So grateful my shit disconnected from twitter because I was over that. So grateful everything already worked out for me.

So grateful to be "addicted to my vortex". So grateful that I understand what that means. So grateful I've experienced it. So grateful to have reached the tipping point. So grateful for my family and friends and for the new people I meet every day. So grateful to spend more time in the world, more time flowing scene to scene.

So grateful for the flow. So grateful to choose the flow. So grateful to choose focus. So grateful to be practiced. So grateful I trained myself here. So grateful vibration is just a habit like everything else. So grateful to be so connected to source. So grateful to be source energy having a physical experience.

So grateful for new opportunities to iterate. So grateful for new situations to iterate. So grateful for the power of focus. So grateful for the feeling of connection.

Confidence. Flow. The Now is here, now.

Do be do be do be do be do.

I love The Black and White Years, Ethan and Nate, universal grocery lists, new neighbors, good workouts, inside jokes, vegan big john cookies, cheap vodka, Tapatio Fritos, conversations about what to eat at Whole Foods, boys who hula hoop, talking about physics and Mathematica, talking about mapping Astrojax motion, remembering I'm dreaming, remembering to be confident, remembering to think the way I want to think, being in the flow, being so in the flow that I don't have time to think much, Astrojax!, ovens, Britney Spears, Spotify, Sheima, cash, Bluehost referrals, being in control of my thoughts no matter what substance or circumstance I am exposed to, and lucid dreaming!

I also love obsessively writing between segments, taking more photos, remembering to use photo apps I've had for years, pondering travel plans for November, remembering I am god, awakening to my power, mad leveling up, being addicted to this!, being addicted to feeling good, caring about how I feel always, doing the work, having a legit life design practice that evolves and expands and fractals out into the world...

I want more of that feeling. I want more scene to scene. I want more being in the Now. I want a massage. I want to remember I'm in control and I can think whatever the eff I want and that's how it is.

I want total rest. I want lucid dreams. I want more beautiful music. I want more late night chillins. I want more flow. I want my businesses to flourish in every way. I want to have fun and play and laugh.

More connection please. More scene to scene please. More focus and thought direction please. More synchronicity please. More new thoughts please.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.